Well, the comedy show was fun, especially since it was free. Shelley’s a cool gal. Don’t know if we’d ever date, but she’s definitely fun to hang out with. Especially with a drink in her.

Today, I plan to actually get my room in order. Ashish’s fiancee moved into her own place down the street, and Ashish gave her a lot of his stuff to get her started. Since there’s a lot of open space in the living room, we can move my desk and TV out, and clean up my own room. I might actually see the floor. Plus, I gave my friend permission to get mad at me if I don’t finish it before I go to sleep. And by finish it, I mean everything put away. My mom should be happy with the room. Looks like a lot, but I think it’ll actually go by pretty quickly.

Got tickets to go see Coldplay and Oasis in concert, both in the same weekend. I’ve been listening to a collection of the best Coldplay songs, as determined by the friend I’ll be going to the concert with, an avowed Coldplay fanatic. The songs have been pretty good, actually. It won’t really ever appeal to me as much as this guy , but I can definitely listen to them in concert. The few Oasis songs I’ve heard sounded pretty good too. Should be lotsa fun.


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