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May 25, 2005

Let’s see… Houston was fun. My niece is soooo cute! I’ve seen my fair share of one year olds, and I gotta tell ya, not all of them are cute. But this girl… WOW!! I spent a lot of time with Ankit, and Kalpesh’s younger brother Dipesh, who was visiting from A&M. Dipu is an… interesting kid. Pretty quiet, but still a cool guy.

Then on to Tampa. It’s a nice place. Tampa Airport is really cool. It’s basically set up in a star configuration . The main terminal building, with ticketing, baggage claim, etc. is in the center. The gates are divided amongst ;five structures, spread out like the ;five points of a star. Each of the five buildings is individually connected to the central terminal with a monorail. It really appealed to the engineer in me. So simple, yet so effective. The best part? The rental cars were in the same building as the main terminal. Just walk across the street, a distace of about 100 feet. And I got a Toyota Camry too, which was pretty sweet.

On Tuesday, after work, we all were supposed to go to The Winghouse ;(check out the photo gallery). Imagine Hooters, but less classy. I had no warning of this, of course, so when I walked in and saw a bunch of waitresses wearing very skimpy clothing, I was a little taken aback. My immediate thought was, “Look up. Eye contact. LOOK UP!” Of course, I’m just a simple boy. ;Our waitress was this pretty cute 18 year old. After beer, I went to the beach, and saw the sunset. It was really nice, and my cellphone now has a new background image that I won’t be changing for a while.

I returned Thursday night, and my parents and sister came in on Friday at different times. We’ve basically been hanging out since then. In fact, tomorrow, we’re heading out to Vegas. Vegas, BABY!! I’ll provide details about that later. Hehehe…




May 13, 2005

Finding it hard to get motivated today. I’m starting to realise that the task I’ve been assigned is too much for me to do alone in the time allotted, but no one else is lining up to get involved. ;I don’t know, I’m just feeling a serious lack of motivation in general. Just not that excited about anything. Don’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything in my life right now. I’m in one of those moods where I feel like my life is in a holding pattern . It’s not the first time I’ve felt this way, and it won’t be the last. I’ve got more reasons to be down than I do to be up, but I just have no incentive to change the status quo. Ugh… gotta change that soon. I just wish there was something I could do that was more … concrete.

Either way, I’m leaving for Houston tomorrow morning. I was thinking of cleaning up my place for mom, but I think I’ll just wait for her to get here so she can help. Yeah, I’m a bad son. ;

On a side note, when I was playing frisbee on Tuesday, the fiancee (Melissa) of one of the guys (Michael) joined us. Now, she’s an attractive girl, but she’s engaged, therefore she loses her gender in my eyes. However, what was funny was how rough she was playing. She was more physical than most of the guys. Early on, she decided that she was going to mark me during the game. It might have been a random decision, or it might have been because she identified me as the weakest link on ;my team. Irregardless, she kept running into me and knocking me away as we were chasing the frisbee. There was absolutely no holding back, and nothing lady-like about it. ;When she had the frisbee and I was blocking her, she’d put her hand on my chest and push me back. And I’m thinking, ” This isn’t fair. I can’t do the same thing to her .” Now, if she’d been single, I might have said something or done something
Yeah, right!
Shut up, inner voice!!… ahem, like I was saying, I mighta tried something, but she was obviously off-limits. It was just… odd. I decided to trash talk her instead, and it was working a little bit. Kinda funny, actually.


May 10, 2005

My left ear popped!! I was driving back home from Quiznos on Saturday and it popped! A good feeling, let me tell you.

I’ve been off my diet and exercise program since Wednesday, in order to speed up my recovery from my Semi-Annual Cold/Cough Extravaganza. But when I put my jeans on today, they were looser than they’ve ever been. I swear to God, I think I could probably work them down without even unclasping them. Rather strange. I will be curious to see what I weigh in at this evening.

Current plan for the upcoming trip: Reach Houston Friday evening, at around 5pm. I’m thinking of renting a car, but I’m not sure if I’ll be needing it or not. Saturday is Aashna’s birthday party, so that’ll keep me busy in the evening, at least. I’ll probably shop for her in the morning. Roshni can help me pick out something nice. I’d prefer to get her something myself, but I’d rather not get needled about my lack of shopping skill.God knows Roshni won’t let me hear the end of it. ;Sunday is basically open, as far as I know. If I have the rental car, I might go somewhere, but then again, it’s Houston. Not too many places to go. ;We’ll see how it plays out. Monday, I leave at noon-ish, and reach Florida by 5pm. I’ll have the rest of the evening to gym and walk around the area. As I mentioned before, I was unable to get a beach hotel, but hopefully there should still be plenty of scantily-clad hotties walking around. Just hope I’m not surrounded by old people.

So, I have a couple of rants. I wanted to vent about it, but ;couldn’t think of anyone to bother with it, so ;I came here. ;The first is about something kinda self-inflicted. I’m late with my vehicle registration renewal. But when I called in today to renew over the phone, I was told that you can’t do it over the phone anymore. It can only be done by mail, in person, or online. Plus, I gotta check to see if I need to get it smog-tested. I just don’t know when I’m going to do it, since I’m going out of town this weekend and won’t be back till next week. But the longer I wait, the greater my late penalty. Damn!

Second rant: It seems my dentist screwed up my claim with my insurance company. Why should this bother me? Because he’s not part of the coverage umbrella of my insurance company, I pay him in full, he files the claim on my behalf, and the insurance company sends me the check. So I’ve paid him already, but now I’m going to have a headache trying to resolve my reimbursement. And, like I said before, I’m going to be out of town all of next week, and I want to take care of it ASAP. I’ve been a little uneasy about ;his business practices anyway, so even though he’s ;a competent dentist, I won’t be giving him any more of my business. I should have left him earlier, but like I said before, he was a good dentist. I guess it’s no longer enough to outweigh the headache of waiting for reimbursement.

BTW, I saw Caddyshack last night. For a supposed comedy classic, it really wasn’t that funny. Big disappointment, actually. Ah well…


May 7, 2005

Ok, I admit it, I am a lightweight. I am a 5’10 1/2″, 190 lb guy, and I am being consistently outdrunk (by at least 3x as much) by someone half my size. Yes, it’s embarassing. And yes, I’ll live with it. I’d like to see how your tolerance holds up once you gradaute and become another one of us working stiffs.

So yesterday I got to Happy Hour at Pedros, which was packed, and got 2 margaritas. I’d been waiting there for a while, and this gal came up next to me, and we were commenting about how long it took. I mentioned that I was gonna get two margaritas. The barkeep asked for her order before he asked me, and she ordered four margaritas… two for her, and two for me. She was smiling at me the whole time, so I’m not sure if she was flirting or just being nice. Either way, I gave her the money I had out for the drinks and said thanks. She was decent looking, so I waited to see if she’d keep talking. She didn’t, so I rejoined the Beer Club group. Mo was quite impressed that I was double-fisting.

After we got to our table, I realised that I’d taken on a little more than I could handle. I could drink the two margaritas, but I definitely would not have been able to drive in 20 minutes. So I sold my second one to another guy at our table (at cost), and finished my first. I also pounded down a lot of chips and salsa, as well as a couple of glasses of water. And I was showing some basic salsa steps to this cute girl in the group. Some lady at another table started laughing, but I think I waved her off. Oh well… who says I can’t have a good time when I’m drunk?

Shortly thereafter, I made my way to P.F.Changs. Being that I was still slightly inebriated, I drove quite carefully, and made it there in one piece. Dinner was actually kinda fun. It was a larger group than I expected. I’m not a big fan of the food there, but the group was nice. Pintu’s friend Onofre (sp?) showed up, and we were chatting. He was asking me if I was single or not. I don’t know if he was hitting on me or just being friendly. I mentioned that I hadn’t found a lucky lady yet, and that was the end of that. Anyway, he was pretty cool, and we all had a good time. I had a few glasses of wine, so my buzz never completely disappeared.

As we were leaving, I crossed the street on my way to the car (checking carefully for traffic), and a cop called me over to tell me I was jaywalking. I stayed calm and polite as he chatted with me and looked at my license. I told him I’d had a couple of glasses of wine, and wanted to walk it off. He gave me a warning, and sent me on my way. As I got closer to my car, I looked around to make sure he wasn’t in sight, then I took a back road all the way home (which was only a couple of miles away anyway). Definitely an interesting evening.

I’ve been advised not to work too many hours today, and I don’t think I’ll be able to gym or go dancing. But I definitely want to go see Ralphie May at The Improv tonight. I might have to go by myself, so let’s see how it goes.


May 6, 2005

Where to begin? Had a business trip early this week, and on the return flight, my left ear refused to pop. Might have had something to do with the fact that I had a cold and was napping. Either way, as the plane descended, my left ear literally felt like it was going to start bleeding any second. I don’t think it’s officially popped yet, but it’s getting better. I’ll wait a while before offering any official prognosis.

I also booked my tickets to Florida for another business trip in two weeks. I’ll be going via Houston for my niece’s 1st birthday, and to see my Mommy. ;I am excited about the Florida trip, though. I was hoping to get a hotel near the beach, but the Hilton had raised its rates so it no longer fit within the company per diem, and I don’t know how good any of the other hotels on the beach are. But I’m staying at the Marriott, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I have to rush back to San Jose immediately ;at the end of this ;trip, but next time I’m taking the full weekend off and going to Walt Disney World. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince Kalpesh to come with me. Lord knows the bastard owes me for screwing up my Thanksgiving plans last year.

Let’s see, it’s Cinco De Mayo today. I’m going to Happy Hour where I will consume a $3 margarita (it’s not $0.99, but things tend to be more expensive in California ). The only reason I’m having just one is because I need to drive to P.F.Changs for dinner with the happy couple, Rinki and Pintu. It’s going to be them, me, Rajul, and Rinki’s sister.

Hmmm… On second thought, I think I’m going to have a second margarita after all.


May 2, 2005

Well, the comedy show was fun, especially since it was free. Shelley’s a cool gal. Don’t know if we’d ever date, but she’s definitely fun to hang out with. Especially with a drink in her.

Today, I plan to actually get my room in order. Ashish’s fiancee moved into her own place down the street, and Ashish gave her a lot of his stuff to get her started. Since there’s a lot of open space in the living room, we can move my desk and TV out, and clean up my own room. I might actually see the floor. Plus, I gave my friend permission to get mad at me if I don’t finish it before I go to sleep. And by finish it, I mean everything put away. My mom should be happy with the room. Looks like a lot, but I think it’ll actually go by pretty quickly.

Got tickets to go see Coldplay and Oasis in concert, both in the same weekend. I’ve been listening to a collection of the best Coldplay songs, as determined by the friend I’ll be going to the concert with, an avowed Coldplay fanatic. The songs have been pretty good, actually. It won’t really ever appeal to me as much as this guy , but I can definitely listen to them in concert. The few Oasis songs I’ve heard sounded pretty good too. Should be lotsa fun.