Yesterday was probably one of the most fun, unproductive days I’ve had at Lockheed yet, that didn’t involve stuffing my face. It was Young Minds At Work day, and lots of employees brought their kids in to look at the exhibits that other employees had prepared. I volunteered to help out with the display from our building, and it was pretty cool.

First, Matt and I had to get some liquid nitrogen. All we had were a couple of styrofoam containers, but we were told that would be enough. We got to the area where the stuff was stored, and the guy took us out back, gave us gloves and facemasks, told us to turn it on, then went back inside. Matt and I just looked at each other, wondering if the guy had actually let two untrained personnel handle Liquid N2 without supervision. Anyway, we finally figured out how to fill the containers, and carried them to Matt’s car. The building was a 4 min walk away, but we didn’t really want to walk there with steaming styrofoam boxes. We placed one box on the passenger seat floor (between my feet), and the other on the seat (between my thighs). Let’s just say that there were parts of my body that were WAAAAY too close to liquid nitrogen than they should have been. One bad turn or sudden stop on his part, and I would have had the equivalent of a permanent cold shower, if you get my drift.

Regardless, we made it in safely, albeit with lots of people staring at us and our steaming boxes. (That just sounds weird…) I’m ;pretty sure we violated about 10 different OSHA regulations, though. ;We had two ;activites ;that we demoed. We dipped flowers in the LN2, and then shattered them on the table, or crushed them in our hands like ;fine glass. Then we took small, inflated balloons and put them in the LN2. They’d shrink, and after we took the balloon out, ;they would expand again as the air inside expanded. We got lots of “Ooohh”s and “Whoa!”s. Overall, I think we were one of the cooler tables. ;We also had a laptop that was on the Google Maps website, and showed people how they could view satellite pictures of their neighbourhoods by searching for their home address, and clicking on the Satellite link in the upper right corner.

When we were done, Matt and I were taking some of the stuff back. We started throwing the remaining LN2 on the street and watching it boil off. We were like two little kids with a new toy. So much fun.

Also, there’s been a slight change of plans with the comedy show. Shaadi.com girl had to cancel on me (and we decided to just be friends anyway), so I asked Shelley (cute Asian chick at work) to come, and we’re going for the 11pm show on Saturday. Should be cool.

Finally, I finished the Coldplay CD in my car, and I gotta say… I like it. I don’t want to express too strong an opinion, at least until I hear the CD a few more times, but I liked quite a few of the songs. I guess they’re one of those bands that kinda grow on you. I got the tickets for Coldplay and Oasis, and I plan to listen to their music a lot more between now and September. That way, there won’t be a repeat of the Stone Temple Pilots concert, where I was totally clueless because I hadn’t heard any of their songs before.


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