I got an email yesterday from some lady at The Improv , who told me that I’d received a gift certificate for free tickets for me and 7 friends to go see the featured comic this weekend at the Improv in Brea, CA. Unfortunately, it would take a while for me and my 7 friends to drive down there. I emailed the lady back, asking if I could give it to someone else. Today, they said that since Brea is far from San Jose, I can get 2 free tickets to the San Jose Improv this weekend. I asked the Shaadi.com girl (who I miniature golf-ed with 1 1/2 weeks ago), and we’re going this Saturday. Let’s see how that goes.

A couple of interesting things at work as well. Nothing major, just interesting. There’s a recent hire here named Shelley, who I’ve become friends with. I met her at the banquet for young engineers last December, where we discovered that she’d be coming to work in the same building. Anyway, she’s here now, and we’ve chatted a bit. Nothing major, but I’ve hung out at her cube a couple of times. She’s kinda cute, in a skinny, nerdy, Asian kinda way. I might be getting a few people to go see a movie this weekend, and I asked her if she wanted to go. She gave me her cell number, so we’ll see how it works out. I don’t think she’s interested in me, ;and I don’t think I’m really that interested in her, ;but she seems a pretty cool person to hang out with, even if she did suggest cutting patterns and designs in my beard.

The other interesting situation (well, to me anyway) is one of the administrative assistants (i.e. secretaries) here, named Lisa. ;Really pretty gal. We’ve been ;talking a little bit back and forth, including sending friendly emails. I wouldn’t classify it as flirting so much as just idle banter. All in good fun, nothing suspicious. What makes it funnier is that:
1) She’s dating someone else at work (even though he’s now been transferred across the country), and,
2) More importantly, she has a son. And she’s only 22.

Obviously, those two factors automatically take her out of the picture. Still, it did feel kinda odd when she suddenly started talking to me a little more recently. I mean, she was always friendly, but she just seems a little more talkative (including email) lately. It’s always professional, but still. I asked Sandra about it, who confirmed that Lisa still had the boyfriend (as far as she knew, anyway), and that it was probably some harmless flirting, and that I should take it for the little ego boost it is.

Which reminds me… Sandra rocks. She’s probably the best friend I’ve got in the Bay Area at the moment. Everytime things have happened these past few months, she’s the person I went to first. Of course, it helps that her office is just downstairs. ;I tell her about stuff, and she imparts her ;wisdom based on 15 more years of experience than I have (as well as two divorces and two children). And a lot of the time, her impressions (especially of me) have been surprisingly accurate. She was able to call me out on some of my decisions, and nailed down pretty well what I was thinking and what my real motivations were. I don’t agree with her 100% of the time, but I’m glad she’s there. A lot of the things she said yesterday really helped ;put ;the situation ;into a better perspective. Now let’s see if I can follow her advice properly.

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