There’s this Indian guy I run into at the gym here at work. Turns out he’s Samir’s cousin (Samir Ajmera was co-chair of the local YJA convention committee), and works on campus here. He was talking about this dance class he goes to every Friday night at 8, and I told him to send me the information. That should be a lot of fun. I remember enjoying the salsa lessons at Common Ground , the local gay bar in Ithaca. And before anyone looks shocked, the lessons were on Tuesday, which was Straight Night. ;Me and Mukhee used to have a blast. Hopefully, this will be cool too.

Random Thought Of The Day:
The first time I ever saw the Olympics was the Seoul games in ’88. I was 8 at the time, and we’d been in India for just over a year. And I remember watching the men’s gymnastics routines, ;and wondering what it would be like if there were an American male gymnast. I mean, I saw the East Asian and European gymnasts, but an American one? And the picture that formed in my mind was of a white guy on the rings wearing the typical gymnast leotard, kinda like this:

The main difference was that
1) The guy had a big moustache
2) The guy had this hat on, while he was doing the routine:

Yeah. He had on a ten-gallon hat while he was on the rings. I could never get that image out of my head, and to this day, it’s how I picture an American male gymnast. No offense to Paul Hamm, of course.

Ugh, I gotta get in some extra hours tomorrow and Thursday to make up for last week. And I’ll probably still have to work Friday. ;Have to force myself to get out of bed at 6am. I can usually wake up at 6. I just don’t get out of bed till 7:30.


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