Well, it’s my last day in Houston. And an interesting weekend it’s
been. Some ups, some downs, and some drunkenness. It’s all good,
though. From what I’ve been told, nothing happened in my intoxicated
state that was unforgivable. In fact, I seem to have greater control
than I thought when it comes to the important stuff. Either way, I
definitely need to get my alcoholic tolerance up. It’s kinda
embarassing when someone half my size (literally) can not only
out-drink me, but still have enough presence of mind to drive us both
home, and remember more of our conversation than I do.

The biggest gains from this trip were the nice additions to my wardrobe
(and many thanks for that). I also fell in love with my 11 month old
niece, even though she starts to cry whenever I’m near her for more
than 10 seconds. I’ll win her over eventually, though. It might take
until she’s 5 years old, but it’ll happen.

I was in downtown Sugar Land yesterday evening with my sister and
cousins, and we were checking out the Sharper Image store. I spent a few
minutes in their new massage chair (God, it felt so good!!), and then
saw the last few minutes of Monsters, Inc.
on one of their portable DVD
players on display. The sound was off, but subtitles were on. And I
gotta tell ya, that movie is still my favourite Pixar film of all time.
It might no longer be the most visually impressive, but it still forms
the strongest emotional connection. The scenes that hit home the most

were (1) when he drops her off in her room at
the end,
knowing he’s never going to see her again. She’s running around giving
him all her toys, because she’s so excited that her friend is in her
world, and all he can think about is how he’s going to say goodbye,
until finally he just gives her a monster (no pun intended) hug. (2)
Also, when he opens the repaired door, and looks inside her room. He’s
unsure of what’s going to happen. He thinks about her constantly, but
does she even remember him? He calls out her name gently, and then
hears her call him by his nickname. The entire time, the camera (such
as it is) is focussed only on Sulley’s face, and the look of utter joy
when he sees that she did miss him damn near gave me goosebumps. I’m
definitely getting that one on DVD eventually.


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