Great game of softball today. I was walked twice. The first time, the innings ended before I made it to 2nd. The second walk, I got run out going to second, but it was a little unfair, because the ball was going right for the 2nd baseman, but bounced right in front of him, so until the last second, I didn’t know if he caught it or not. He ended up taking it on the bounce, so it was an easy forced out. My 3rd (and last) at bat, I got a single. There was an error (either that play, or the one right after), and the fielder threw the ball out of bounds. That’s an automatic advancement of bases, so I hauled ass to 2nd. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I got there that I noticed my teammate on 2nd hadn’t moved. So I started hauling ass back, but was tagged out (or so I thought) by the ;1st baseman. However, it was a dead play, since the ball had gone out of bounds, and we all advanced. I ended up running it home, so it was a good day for me. We won by mercy rule (15-3), so it was a great game for the team.

Well, it seems ;my “big hug” services will no longer be required. ;Ah well, what can you do? Can’t expect someone to stay depressed until I go visit them, can I?

Seriously, can I? Hmmm…

I’ve decided I will force myself to do some reading, and I have motivation. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy is coming out this month, and I want to read the book before the movie is released. I’m gonna force myself to read a chapter a day (and maybe more, since some chapters are small). Hopefully, I’ll get back in the habit sooner rather than later.


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