Took the week off from workouts, and I still lost a pound. ;Of course, I’m not taking anything for granted. Still got a ways to go.

This Sunday, a bunch of us from work went to see a Sabercats game. It was pretty good. Their entrance was exciting. First, with all the lights out (or dimmed), they had a high school marching band come out, banging on their drums. It would have been very impressive, if not for the fact that they were off beat, just a little. Nonetheless, it was a good idea. Then they started blasting Enter Sandman , and this biker dude rode out onto the turf on a big bike. He circled the field (even driving the Arizona Rattlers back) before parking in the middle of the field and pumping the crowd up. Then the pyro started. According to my neighbour Keith, that entrance even beat the 49ers . The game was pretty fun, actually. But my personal favourite part was the SaberKittens . I swear to God, I kept switching my attention back and forth. After every play, I’d look at the Kittens ; dance , jiggle , wiggle , shimmy , and shake . As soon as they stopped, I’d look back at the football. Got a nice little rhythm going. And when they came out into the endzone for a choreographed dance routine, I’d have to pick my jaw up off the floor so I wasn’t drooling too much. ;Definitely worth the $12.

I booked a trip to Houston for the weekend of ;April 22nd. After my travel travails, America West sent me a $100 travel voucher, and I decided to use it, doggone it! It’ll be nice seeing Roshni again (the brat!), but it’ll be really cool to see Ankit (my biggest fan) and Aashna (my newest recruit). And there’s someone else who needs a hug, and I intend to give one. ;A big one. Should be an interesting weekend. I’m also gonna have someone help me shop for some nice clothes, ;as well as give me a personal workshop on developing my “game”. ;It’ll be like my own personal version of Queer Eye , except I have only one trainer, and she’s not gay. And I’m not a slob. I think. Hmmm… I guess it’s a good thing this won’t be televised, because it might get ugly.


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