Remember I wrote yesterday about how the dentist removed my crown? He cleaned out the tooth (what’s left of it, anyway), took a mold, and put the old one back as a temporary fix. Problem is, it popped off this afternoon during lunch. Then again in the evening. At this point, I can push it off with my tongue. I decided to keep it off. Shouldn’t be too big ;a problem, since the tooth is cemented. Now I try to get an appointment with the dentist so he can re-cement my temporary crown, before permanently attaching the new crown in 2 weeks. Why can’t things be simple? Sheesh…

My roommate and his fiancee are watching Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa ; right now. It’s a pretty good movie, actually. One of the few movies where Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t act like Shah Rukh Khan. And if you’ve seen any of his movies, you know what I mean. Unfortunately, it’s not a movie I enjoy watching. Why? Because it’s about a guy who, among other things, loves a girl, but she loves someone else. How is this different from every other love triangle in Hindi movies? In this case, all 3 people involved know how he feels. And he actively does everything he can to win her over. But he doesn’t do it in a slimy, creepy way. He lies and he cheats, but in a way we’re rooting for him because he’s so innocent, and basically nice . And even when he gets what he finally wants, he gives it away because he knows he has to. But he’s not happy about it, and we get to see the sadness he’s going through.

Why do I not like watching this movie? Because it hits a little too close to home. Have I ever gone through this? No. But I can imagine what it would feel like. ;To care that much about someone who doesn’t feel the same way, or worse, cares about someone else. And I probably would have made the same decisions in the end that he did, which makes it a little more personal.I guess I’m just a big softie.

My new purchase came in yesterday, and I was listening to it in the car. Great, great stuff.

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