Let’s make this a quickie:

1) Finally saw Rocky. And I gotta tell ya, it’s a great, great movie. I can see why the movie was nominated for so many Oscars (including Stallone for Best Actor). And honestly, it wasn’t about the fight at the end. It was about the fighter. And even though it was a typical “root for the underdog” story, it was just done so well , that one gets swept along. The great music helps too.
2) I’m going to apply for a corporate credit card today. I’m so excited! ;Of course, I’ve heard it’s actually a hassle to keep track of travel expenses and such, and everyone here has a corporate card, but I’ll preen about it right now.
3) As excited as I am about the whole “5 Questions” idea, it won’t be as easy to get audience participation. Why? Because I already tell all my friends everything in my life. There is nothing they would want to know about me that I wouldn’t tell them if they asked me anyway. I guess I’ll keep pushing it.
4) Weighed in at 194 lbs on Monday. That’ a drop of 7.5 lbs in 6 weeks. And when you factor in the fact that the drop includes some muscle gains (which I can both see and feel), I’ve probably lost even more fat. Can’t wait for the next body fat reading. Which leads to…
5) In the last week of December, my waist measured in at 38 inches. Yesterday, I wore pants with a 34 inch waist. I’m not celebrating yet, because the pants were digging into my stomach a bit, and not all pants are created equal. When I can wear any 34 inch pant and have none of them be tight, then I’ll call dad and collect on my bet.


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