Anjali (from Shaadi.com):
1) What annoys/disgusts you most…about a person or genrally?
Intolerance and discrimination of any kind, especially in the name of race or religion. Even something like, “You should only marry a Gujju Jain”.
2) What does a relationship mean to you?
A relationship means friendship, love, commitment, trust, equality and companionship.
3) What do you dislike about yourself?
I find it very hard to let go of people who I care about but who, for whatever reason, don’t seem to reciprocate. Basically, it takes me a very long time to get over someone. Too long, sometimes
4) Tell me about the happiest moment of your life….when you felt like everything was just perfect
Dec 21st, 1995. The evening I got together with my first girlfriend, back in high school. I’d had a crush on her since I was 7, and that evening, I “proposed” (the Indian definition, obviously) after watching DDLJ with her. I fully expected her to say no, and she said yes. The evening ended with me kissing her hand while she sat in the rickshaw, about to go home. The single most shining example of pure, unadulterated joy that I have ever felt, and probably ever will feel.
5) Whats your favourite colour
Blue, black, and white. But I’m flexible.


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