Last night was fun. We met up with the cousins at their hotel, The Westin St. Francis (after mistakenly going to the nearby Sir Francis Drake hotel), and decided to get some food first. After a slice of pizza, we went to Harry Denton’s Starlight Room, which actually happened to be on top of the Sir Francis Drake. Unfortunately, while the place itself was nice, the average age of people there was about 10 years (at least) more than any of us. We stayed for a drink, then decided to head to the Bubble Lounge. We chilled there, both upstairs and downstairs, for the rest of the night. I got to talking with the bartender downstairs, this Asian girl named Heather. And just for the record, she was the one who said, “I’m not supposed to ask, but what’s your name?” I must say, I did look pretty good last night, or so Hemal said: “Dude, for the first time, I just noticed, you’re a good-looking guy!” Thanks, dude. ; ; ;Anyway, I didn’t know if she was flirting or not. I didn’t assume she was, so I was just friendly. It also turns out, she lives a couple of miles away from me. S’ok though. I didn’t give her my phone number this time. Hehehe…

There are a couple of other things that I wanted to touch on, but I think I’ll make them separate posts, either today or tomorrow.


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