I need to start accepting the fact that, deep down, I’m not really an exciting guy. I do exciting things sometimes (like this , this ;and this ), but I don’t really live an exciting life. I got home today from the gym, and I realised I was looking forward to a nice nap and some quality DVD time. It’s not that I’m usually a boring guy. I have been known to go out clubbing and drinking with other people once in a while. I guess my idea of a good time tends to be a little quieter than some other people my age. *shrugs* I would be perfectly content watching some good TV or movies by myself. And even if I were dating someone, I would probably be happiest watching some good TV or movies with my head in her lap and her hand in mine.

I meant her hand in my hand. Minds out of the gutter, people. ;

In fact, tonight I think I’m going out with cousins to San Fran. ;The group consists of ;3 of the 4 people who partied down in SoCal back late least year: myself, Hemal (the guy who lived in Orange County. then got a job up here and is currently crashing with me), and Virat (the Accenture guy), i.e., the fun guys from that group. Virat’s sister is also here, so it should be lots of fun.


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