This past weekend, I went with the NetIP group to Lake Tahoe for a skiing/snowboarding trip. It was mucho fun. Drove there Friday night (with two passengers), snowboarded on Saturday, played Cranium Saturday night, drove back Sunday in excellent time.

The actual snowboarding itself was lots of fun, even though it was a tad more painful. You see, not only was the snow harder than last time, so was my butt. Which means that the impact was less pleasant. I guess that’s the one negative side to working out. I took another Beginners 1 lesson, and generally had fun on the green slopes. At around 3pm, I decided to try a blue slope. I figured I had enough time to make it down once, especially if I had to make my way down slowly. The ride up was looooong. 3 times as long as any of the green lifts I’d been on so far. And I got to see the slope as I went up. All I could think was, “Holy Shit!!”


Right near the beginning of the slope was this rather steep part. Steepest slope I’d ever attempted. My butt was in the snow a lot. It got so bad, I decided to continue down that part facing backwards, so I could lean down and use my hands to balance myself. When I was about halfway down the overall blue slope, I came level with the beginning of the green slope. It took me about 1 minute to decide that I didn’t have much of an ego, so I slung the board under my arm and hiked on over there, ;and continued all the way down. Nonetheless, it was a blast. Next time, I think I’ll sign ;up for ;Beginners 2 lessons. ;I’ll probably have to wait till next season, though.

I bought myself another music CD today. I’m buying it from one of those Amazon Marketplace stores, so it’s only costing me $17.50 including shipping. I can’t wait. I’ve had those damn tunes in my head ever since I saw the movie last week. And it’s not just the main theme either. There’s plenty of good music in there.

Drastic change in topic

My entire life, I’ve been a living conflict between my head and my heart. I’ve always been an emotional person (thanks mom), so for most of my life, the conflict was pretty one sided. I’d know what I should do, but if it was ever different from what I wanted to do, I’d ignore the voice in my head with impunity. And I would justify my decision by telling myself (and everyone) that I was being honest. But things are different now. Maybe my head has gotten stronger. Or maybe my heart has become wary after all the negative reactions to my “honest” decisions. But the conflict right now is no longer as one-sided as it used to be. And that’s making things even more difficult.

In more uplifting news, I’ve lost weight. My last recorded weight was 197.5 lbs. The following week, I was 196. The week after that (9 days ago), I was at 196.5, which didn’t make me very happy. But two days ago, I came in at 194.5. Yay!!


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