I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog that I have an active profile on Shaadi.com . It’s been an interesting experience. So far, I’ve initiated contact with 40 girls, and gotten acceptances from 6 of them. Of the rest, I either haven’t heard back at all, or they just have bad taste in men. ;My roommate says that’s actually a very good success ratio, so I’ll just take his word for it.

The thing I probably find most interesting about the website is how many people post their pictures, but then restrict access. For example, I’ve seen lots of profiles where I get the message, “Photo will be visible if member accepts you”. My question is, what’s the point of posting a picture if the only people who can see it are the ;ones you approve? ;To someone like ;me, who’s deciding which profile to contact, a restricted picture is as useful as no picture at all. ;I personally have put my picture up there for the entire world to gawk at. That way, if a girl wants to contact me, she knows upfront what she’s getting. ;And no, I won’t provide the link. I open myself up to quite enough ridicule as it is, thank you very much. ;And I’m not providing any details on any girls I’m in contact with either, at least not yet. Best not to be premature.

One amusing incident, though. I personally have been contacted by 3 girls, all in India. I wondered why it was so low, because I’m such a great catch (reasonably good-looking , US citizen, working in California, engineer), but I realised it’s probably because of my age. If I were 26, I’d be getting 10 times as many messages, I bet. Anyway, the most recent message came from this girl in New Delhi, and she’s doing her Masters in English Lit. I’m just wondering… what is it with me and the English majors? I mean, seriously.

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