The heart is a funny thing. You never know when you’re going to fall for someone. You don’t know who you’re going to fall for. You don’t know why you fell for them. Those things can be tolerated. After all, the heart works on its own agenda that none of us can ever figure out. One has no choice but to deal with whatever happens. The most annoying thing of all is not knowing what to do about it. After all, it’s difficult to control what happens to us (making it easier to take unexpected developments in stride), but we can decide our response, which gives us some small measure of control over the situation. But when we don’t know how to respond, even this token bit of control is taken away, doubling the frustration.

I need to shake things up a bit. Change the status quo. And I’m going to start this weekend. Since no one’s going to give me a Valentine’s Day gift, I’ve decided to give myself one. Good, bad or ugly, I will post a picture here this weekend. All (4) of you can decide how it looks. Personally, I’m kinda excited.

I’ve been going pretty healthy the last couple of weeks:
16 days ago: 201.5 lbs
9 days ago: 199.5 lbs
2 days ago: 197.5 lbs
I’ve been getting stronger too. My first reward will be at 190 lbs. A Pecan and Cream Passion . Good stuff.


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