I keep updating this thing a week after things happen… oh well.

Let’s see. Last Saturday (Jan 22), I went to my first ever NBA game. Cleveland vs Golden State. And I gotta tell ya, I wasn’t impressed. The game wasn’t terribly exciting for two main reasons:
1) Cleveland was always in the lead, and Golden State never really looked like challenging them.
2) Oakland Arena is dead. Seriously. They only made noise when someone scored. The evening sounded something like “Yay!!… Yay!!…Yay!! The best part of the game was the entertainment during the breaks.

We went to Santana Row after the game, and then I drove home. I’d bought a couple of CD’s in Berkeley before the game ( this , and this ), and was impatient to listen to them. So I pulled over to the side of the road, and started peeling the plastic off. A few minutes later, a car pulls up behind me and shines a spotlight right into the car. Since I’d pulled into a bus stop (it was past 1am, so I figured it was ok), I moved forward a little, but the car followed. I started driving on the road, and eventually, the car started following me again. Just as I started wondering if I’d have to swing into side streets to lose the guy, the police lights came on. * sighs *.

I pulled over to the side of the road, and confirmed to myself that I hadn’t actually done anything wrong. The cop came over to the passenger window:
“Good evening. Is something wrong?”
“No sir. I just pulled over to open this CD.”
“Ok. Because you pulled out of there, and were driving in the bike lane, and going 50 (speed limit was 35)”
“Well officer, until I saw the lights come on, I was a little nervous, wondering who was behind me, shining that spotlight.”

Anyway, he looked at my license, asked if the car was mine, then sent me on my way. Good times.

Sunday (a week ago), I went to see Don McMillan . Former engineer turned standup comic, the majority of his act is Powerpoint presentation. Really. But he was funny as hell. I was sitting in the front-row, wearing my Cornell sweatshirt, and was interacting with Don suring the act. No, I wasn’t heckling him (not much, anyway). But he was going through his act faster than he expected, so he was taking questions from the audience. He actually went off on a couple of funny tangents from the questions, making some jokes up on the spot. Good stuff all around. He even gave me his last copy of his new CD, Technically Funny , since he had a good time talking to me.

Oh, and on Tuesday, I had my first bartending interview here . Hope I get it.


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