This past weekend, our entire rotational group went to Bear Valley, along with a few members of management. We stayed at a program manager’s cabin. All counted, there were about 25 of us, but not necessarily all at the same time. I was the designated bartender for the weekend, and I think my unofficial nickname became “Pusherman”.

On Saturday, we went snowboarding. The lesson was scheduled for noon, so we fooled around before then, getting used to the board. For the lesson itself, the guy taught us how to brake, facing both up and down the hill, as well as how to turn. Then we took the lift up the bunny slope. That first run down took a really long time. I kept falling down, and it was pretty hard to get back on my feet. I decided to go back to the lodge, get some sugar in me, and come back for one last run, and then I was done for the day.

After I got some sugar in me, I tried going down the slope again, and this time, it was… easier. I still fell down a lot, but I was able to stay up for more than 10 sec at a time, and I realised how much fun it was. So much fun, in fact, that the last run turned into 3 runs.

On the second run, I fell down not far from this desi chick who was having trouble with her skis, and we got to talking. Her name was Deepa from Bangalore, and she worked in software in the Bay Area. Anyway, I must have spent a good 20 minutes helping her try to get her skis back on. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have helped her otherwise, but the fact that she was decent looking didn’t make things hard. Sandra, our HR rep, was sitting on the slope about 30 feet above us, and she had the biggest grin on her face. Later, when I was telling everyone about it (Sandra brought it up, not me!), I told them that it was “Game ON!” Hehehe… nothing happened though. If I’d run into her again, I might have asked for her phone number (she was unmarried), but I didn’t see her after that. Que sera sera…

In other news, I tipped the scales at 200 lbs this week. Definitely bad news.


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