So the three of us got to Goa, with Dad joining us the next day. It was 5 days of total relaxation. We slept in (well, Roshi and I did), went to the beach a few times, ate lots of food. One day, we took a taxi to Panjim (capital of Goa) and spent a few hours there. But for the most part, we stayed in or near the hotel. Not like we had a choice, there wasn’t really anything to do in the area. We were essentially in the middle of nowhere, about 30 minutes away from the highway and far from any party spots. Ah well…

Then it was back to Bombay, and on to the US. Long layover in Hong Kong, and finally arrived in San Fran on Jan 10th.

First week back, there wasn’t really much to do. People at work told me they were a little worried, since they didn’t know which part of India I was in. Felt kinda nice to be thought of. I also spent some time helping plan for the weekend trip to Bear Valley. Our entire rotational program (9 of us) and some of our senior management were staying in a couple of cabins near the ski resort. More stories about that next time…


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