It’s funny how tomorrow can stretch into 2 weeks.

Anyway, meeting the girl wasn’t the part that I disliked about the experience. She was a nice girl, even though it was evident 10 minutes in that we weren’t right for each other. The worst part was dealing with my parents after they left.
“Chirag, why did you use your hands to eat?”
“Why did you crack so many jokes?”
“Why did you bring her to the hotel”
Yada yada yada, etc etc etc.

I’m not saying the criticism wasn’t warranted. I’m just saying that it was not welcome. I’m glad I went through the whole exercise, if only so that I could realise that I don’t want to go through it again for a loooooong time.

Anyway, that night, Vivek and Vikas came over to my place to drink some booze and chill. On a whim, I decided to create a profile on Shaadi.com. What the hell, right? More on that later.

The next day (Dec 31), we went back to Bombay. Our flight was running a bit late, and by the time we arrived at my cousin’s place, everyone was impatiently waiting downstairs for me. I got changed as fast as I could, and off we went to party. And a rather memorable New Years it was.

It was a smallish nightclub, with an open bar. And after I had enough liquor in me, I had a blast. The highlight of my evening was when I danced on the bar. Yes, ON the bar. In my defense, I wasn’t the first one up there, and I wasn’t the only one up there (not initially, anyway). But there were moments when I was the only one shaking it on the granite top. It’s not because I felt particularly like showing off. I just didn’t feel like climbing down. After all, there was a lot more elbow room where I was. From time to time, I did ask one or two girls to join me up on the bar, but I guess they didn’t have an adventurous enough spirit. We finally got home around 4am. Hung out for a bit downstairs, before heading up and to sleep.

The next morning (and with not enough sleep), mom, Roshni and I made our way to Goa. Details on that later… (I’m slowly catching up to the present)


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