I started this on New Year’s Eve in Baroda. I’m fnishing it on Jan 3 from Goa. Sorry for the disconnect.

*Reporting from India*

First things first. My eye appointment went fine. My right eye is almost 20/20, and my left eye is almost 20/15. Text at that level is blurry, but I can make it out. The doctor said that level wasn’t anything to worry about. Also, my glaucoma test came back fine. I should get checked up every year, but nothing to worry about yet.

The girl and her family came by at around 1p. I gotta tell ya, I was antsy to get the show on the road. What I was hoping was, she and I could go somewhere for lunch and get to talk. We spent about half an hour, engaging in simple chitchat, with my chomping on the bit to take this girl somewhere so we could talk. Finally, dad said we could go. And for those of you wondering, she looked ok. Not too bad, but not supermodel quality either. Anyway, I took her to the local Pizza Hut. Now, given that this was my first time, I had no real idea on how to behave. So I decided to just be myself. Unfortunately, I think I succeeded a little too well. If there’s one thing I’ve realised, it’s that I’m an acquired taste, and if I give someone too much Chirag too fast, it can result in severe shellshock. I think that’s what happened here. So yes, I think I was trying too hard to be funny and entertaining, if only to make her feel at ease. Let’s just say that, she’s a nice girl, but she’s not for me. After we were done for lunch, I called dad to ask where they were, so we could join them. Very smooth, no? We met up with the parents, and I proceeded to ;get a plate of papdi chaat. Then we went home, and shortly thereafter, they left.

The aftermath… tomorrow.


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