This was supposed to have been blogged earlier in the day. Computer problems didn’t let me post it then. I’ll post the followup later.

*Reporting from India*

Got back to Baroda on Monday afternoon. Had an interesting experience in the car (we drove back). The truck driver ahead of us didn’t seem to notice the “Road Closed – Take Diversion” sign till the last minute, after which he swerved in front of us. Fine. Then he stopped the truck and marched towards the driver’s door, screaming like it was our fault. Fortunately the doors were locked. After about 1 pulse-pounding minute (I was looking around, and saw several unsavoury characters looking down from the bed of the truck), our driver started the car, pulled onto the road and sped off. As soon as he realised we were leaving, the guy seemed to want to do some damage to the car, so he banged on the window, then tried to twist off the sideview mirror. He got as far as twisting it a bit. They ran into the truck and tried to chase us, but we opened a big enough lead. Just goes to show, you can improve Indian roads as much as you like, we’ll still have to deal with Indian people driving.

I met up with Vikas, Bijal, Adil, Vivek and Vivek’s wife (he’s my age, and married. Damn!) and hung out for a while. It was good times. If only the rest of the gang had been there. We had a lot of laughs (mostly at me for stupid things I’d done in the past, as well as things I did during the evening ), and it was a lot of fun. I got back home, and found out that dad was working on my biodata. In the meantime, I’d received the girl’s biodata as well. For those of you who don’t know what a biodata is, it’s basically a resume made on behalf of people who want to get married. It contains personal information, family background, lists of “hobbies”, astrological information about my birth, etc. Anyway, we hadn’t received a photo of the girl yet, but her biodata contained her email address, and the domain name was their family name. So I tried typing the domain name into Internet Explorer, and it turns out the site belongs to her brother in the States, and there was a family photo. It wasn’t a very good picture, however. On his part, my dad decided to send a photo where I looked … a little less studly than usual. *shakes his head*

Yesterday, however, they sent two actual photos, and I must say they’re much better pictures. The long and short of it is that their family is coming up here later today, and I’ll be spending some time with her. I was debating whether or not to prepare a list of questions, but I think I’ll just let things go naturally. It should be an interesting experience.

Also, I have a follow up appointment with the doctor who performed the LASIK procedure on my eyes back in 2002. Just to see how things are going. Shouldn’t be any problems there. Tonight, after dinner at my favourite restaurant (Havmor rocks!!), I’ll be meeting up with the gang at Vivek’s new place, where we’ll be downing some considerable amounts of alcohol over the course of the night. Should be fun.


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