*Reporting from India*

Well, that lunch turned out to be anticlimactic. I thought that it was just going to be our family and theirs. It seems they had also invited my maasi (mom’s sister) and family. This maasi is the mother of Virat, the cousin in Accenture who I partied with in the O.C. On the flip side, chubby hottie was there. I still wasn’t interested in her, but she still looked attractive. We went to this Chinese restaurant in a 5-Star hotel. The kind of place where the prices are 10 times as high, and the quality is half as good. Eh… ;On the way there, my dad and I ;had an interesting discussion about the pluses and minuses of getting married soon, and getting an MBA. Slowly, I can feel my resolve slipping. My dad has a way of doing that. He’s a very good salesman. ;Later that night, we went to the groom’s house for dinner and relaxed before the big day.

Saturday morning, I got in another good run, then we went to get my newly stitched suit. On the way back, we picked up a tie and belt as well. I spent (rather, dad spent ) quite a pretty penny on this wedding for me so far. Hehehe… We went to the groom’s place and danced on the street for a while, and I decided that if and when I get married, I’m doing it in Goa. On the beach. Everyone in shorts, flipflops, and with pina coladas in hand. I told everyone this, but no one took me seriously. Hmmm… anyway, we eventually made our way to the wedding hall.

Now, I’ve been to a Christian wedding, and it was nice. Everyone is sitting down while the ceremony takes place, and they’re all paying attention. Not Indian weddings. Barely 15 minutes after getting there, people start attacking the buffet line in the back. It gets to the point where one can’t even tell there’s a wedding going on unless you actually look and see the priest reciting his incantations. Quite disrespectful, in my opinion. Anyway, the food sucked. About the one highlight was an incident where my mom indicated another good-looking, eligible young lady (and whose mom was another person gushing about my MCing skills ). I didn’t get a good look at her, but I was told that she’d be back that evening for the reception. She didn’t end up coming, but it’s jus as well, because it seemed she was distantly related, and my mom wasn’t aware of it.

The reception was more interesting, however. I was pulled aside and “interviewed” by the same uncle who’d taken us out for lunch the day before. It seemed that he knew of two eligible young ladies (his brother’s daughter, who had been mentioned earlier, and someone related to his wife.) This was basically a fact-finding mission, and my dad joined us for some of it. He wanted to know about my goals, ambitions, where I saw myself in 10 years, that kind of thing. He was upfront about it though, and made it clear what was going on. On my part, I was totally honest with him as well. I told him I wasn’t eager to get married in a hurry, but I was flexible (I told you I had felt my resolve slipping. Thanks dad. ). My favourite part was when he asked me at the end, “One last question. Any attachments?” Hehehe… Other than that, nothing else notable that night. No other hotties on display, to my disappointment. The most attractive girls there were all family. *sighs*

Sunday, we went on a day-long trip to meet dad’s side of the family. His one remaining brother and 5 remaining sisters. Good people, all of them. They might not be the richest folk in the world (dad came from very humble beginnings), but they are all genuine people. I spent the night with the boys, and we all hung out at this coffee place near Juhu beach. Sometime during the day, dad told me that he’d heard from an aunty (wife of person who’d interviewed me at the reception) regarding the other girl that I’d mentioned. They live in Rajkot, which is in the same state as Baroda, where I will be this week. At this point, I gave up. I asked for a photograph, and dad sent a message back setting the process in motion. Oy vey…

*To be continued*

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