It seems I’ll have to compress the rest of my stories, in order to finish this quickly. My last day in Orange County, the 4 of us went for a drive through Beverly Hills. We saw Rodeo Drive, which is where Julia Roberts’ character goes shopping in Pretty Woman. We also drove through 90210. Saw $400,000 houses that were probably bought for $4,000,000. Then we drove into West Hollywood, the gay part of town. This was driven home when we stopped for lunch at a small Italian trattoria. The waiter looks at H, who was wearing shorts, and goes “Oooohhh, don’t you feel cold?” Let’s just say, it was hard for us not to laugh. He was a nice guy though, and gave us good service (even brought some sparkling water when I spilled some sauce on my t-shirt). That night, I flew back into the Bay Area, with lots of fun memories.

For Thanksgiving, I went to Houston. A relaxing time. The most exciting thing that happened was changing the tire on my sister’s car. That came about because she and I were poking and hitting each other while she was driving (not a smart idea). It had rained earlier in the day, and the roads were slippery. Before we realised it, the car had straddled the divider. Fortunately, there weren’t any poles in the divider, nor were there any cars nearby. She pulled it back on to the road, and over to the side. We felt that the tires were damaged. Got out, and saw the front driver tire was shot to hell. Cool as a cucumber (in fact, she was calm throughout the entire episode), she walked back down the road and picked up the hubcap that had been ripped off the tire, and drove the car to the gas station 50 yards away (another lucky break). The other 3 tires looked OK, and we put the spare on eventually (had to figure it out a bit first). Then we drove back home. The next day, we saw that one of the rear tires had lost air as well (probably because that rim was bent), so my cousin (not related to the OC guys) and I went to the Super Walmart to get it fixed. That day was somewhat of a comedy of errors, I gotta tell ya. Anyway, all’s well that ends well, I guess. Nishma had told me that changing a tire wasn’t a big deal (she said she’d done it several times herself), and I told her that she was probably right, but I wouldn’t know for sure until I’d had to do it myself. Now I’ve done it, and I concur. It’s not that hard. But I still hope it doesn’t happen to me because it is annoying (and potentially expensive).

In other news, I started Bartending School this week. More details on that later, as well as on my new addiction .

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