Whew! What a weekend! I was planning on writing this earlier, but I got lazy.

So I went down to the O.C., to visit my cousin Hemal. He works down there, but will be starting a new job in the Bay Area next week, so we decided to party one last time in SoCal. There ended up being 4 of us cousins there. The other players were Virat (who works for Accenture) and Kunal (who started grad school at USC). Our parents are all direct siblings, so we’re relatively close. ; I arrived Friday night, and H, V and I (hmm… rearrange those letters… ) went to a nightclub nearby called Sutra. It supposedly had an Indian theme, but I didn’t see much of it. We got there around 12:45, since H didn’t feel like rushing. Got a drink and were standing around. Suddenly, around 1:20, one of the servers asks us if we want something before last call. That’s right, last call was at 1:20 (and it closed at 2), making that club almost as lame as Ithaca.

Woke up late the next morning. H took us for a drive to south Orange County, where all the money is. And I gotta tell you, it definitely looked pricey. Towns like Laguna Beach, Laguna Nigel, Costa Del Mar, and all sorts of other fancy sounding Spanish names. We made a U-turn and drove back along the Pacific Coast Highway (aka Highway 1), which actually goes along the coast and through the towns. Stopped at a well-known pizza place (BJ’s Chicago Style Pizza) for pizza and beer, then went home and rested.

One of the advantages of working for Accenture, as V explained to us, was that he earned lots of frequent flyer miles, as well as points that could be used to earn free hotel stays. So he got us a room at the Westin Century Plaza, on the Avenue of the Stars in Beverly Hills. That way, the 4 of us could crash without having to drive 40 miles back to Costa Mesa. We picked up K, as well as a friend of H’s.

After showering and changing (and downing a couple of drinks from the minibar), we made our way to Sunset Blvd. Specifically, a club called Avalon (formerly the Palace). Along the way, we discovered that H’s brake lights weren’t working, which led to the amusing scene of the backseat passengers (including moi ) looking frantically out the back window everytime H would brake suddenly (which is how he drives). Anyway, we made it without incident (except it had started raining. Damn rain). Cover was $30. We met up with some of K’s friends from USC (including his girlfriend). However, there was a slight problem. One of his friends didn’t have any ID. At all. No license, no passport, nothing. Suffice it to say, we were pissed, since H, his friend, V, K, and I had already bought tickets. Anyway, the idiot and two of the other guys went back to USC, but K’s girl and two other people joined us inside. The night was now about to begin.

To be continued…


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