Some time ago, I was watching episodes of the classic 60s TV show, I Spy , starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby. Yesterday, I was watching another DVD with episodes from the show, with one major difference. This DVD had commentary by Robert Culp himself.

Normally, when a movie or TV show has commentary, they’re talking about the specific film or tv episode, along with some general stories. But these commentaries (the whole thing was broken into 3 parts) were completely separate and independent of the episodes, even though you could only hear them when the show was playing. Anyway, he talks about the creation of the show, and what it was like to put the thing together.

The reason I’m writing about this is because, aside from the fact that Culp’s commentary is fascinating, he used a phrase that I absolutely fell in love with, and have committed to using regularly from this day forth. When talking about the show’s executive producer Sheldon Leonard, Culp said that, “he was a great general, George Patton to his troops. He had cojones that clanked!”

Cojones that clanked. Hehehe…


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