I’m the 2nd last person to leave work today. Yeesh!

So I’m going to Orange County this weekend. My cousin Hemal works down there, but he just got a better job in the Bay Area (about 30 miles from where I live). A few of us cousins are going to be in the area, so he told me to come down and we could have one last big party before he left that area. I didn’t feel like driving 12 hours total by myself in 3 days, so I looked online and bought roundtrip tickets for about $215 on Southwest. If I’d booked them earlier, I could probably have gotten them for under $100. Anyway, that should be fun.

I’m spending Turkey weekend with family in Houston. Primarily my sister Roshni and my cousins, who just had a baby girl that I haven’t seen yet (and who Roshni claims is a “doll”). I haven’t heard from my friend who lives there, and I don’t think I’ll be meeting too many other people, so it’ll be up to Roshni to show me a good time. Primarily, that will involve going out of Houston.

In other news, normally when I’m interested in a girl, I tend to fall hard and fall fast. When it inevitably doesn’t work out, I am then stuck with the problem of trying not to think about the person who I had previously been thinking about all the time. Fortunately for me, I am easily distracted. In this case, I can thank my trusty PC (for some reason, the thought of naming it “Bessie” popped into my head just now). Specifically, I can thank the makers of Splinter Cell , one of the more fun games I’ve played in a while. It’s a stealth-based third-person action game. Basically, I control Sam Fisher, an operative for one of those super-secret divisions (that doesn’t exist, natch) of a US government agency. My job is to go in to sensitive locations, retrieve information, and get out, preferably without getting seen. While Sam is proficient in killing people, the idea is to never let the enemy know you were even there. Sam has some pretty cool moves at his disposal, and the game feels pretty realistic in the way it handles situations. Overall, it’s an awesome game and I can’t wait to play more of it. And since exactly ;1 of my readers (maybe 2) is in any way interested in computer games, I think I’ll end my gushing here.


One Response to “18-Nov-2004”

  1. Diksha Says:

    yeah, end the gushing…you have at least one reader with no interest in computer games 🙂

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