Hahaha!!! Apparently, Coke has yet another ;unintended use .

I saw a very interesting movie last night, Inherit The Wind . It is based on a true court case, the Scopes Monkey trial, that took place in Tennessee in the 1920’s. A schoolteacher was arrested for knowingly teaching evolution in class (which was illegal in Tennessee at the time), and the movie is a thinly disguised fictionalisation of those events. ;The best part of the movie was ;the debate between the two lawyers pleading their respective cases. There were some killer lines in the film, and this one was my favourite. It’s spoken by the reporter who wrote about the case, and delivered to the prosecuting attorney:

“Mr. Brady, it is the duty of a newspaper to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

I thought that was especially apropo given the dereliction of duty displayed by mainstream media in this country over the past few years. Anyway, the movie starts to flag a bit towards the end, but I love films that challenge conventional religious thought ( Dogma is one of my favourite movies, and not because it’s by Kevin Smith). I give it 9/10. Rent it now. And, to complement that fine film, I will be getting my first disc of Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1 in the mail today. Netflix rocks!

Also, I am currently attempting my first conversion of a DVD audio track into an audio CD. But first, I need to see if there are recordable CD’s with capacities greater than 80 minutes. Guess I’m going to Fry’s today.


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