I keep meaning to update, and I never get around to it. I’m such a lazy bastard.

I have pictures from my Labour Day trip to the Grand Canyon. I’ll put up a link once I put them up somewhere. But I gotta say, that place is spectacular. Absolutely mind-boggling. We took the 30 minute helicopter air tour. $100 and totally worth it. I was gonna write some stories of my trip, but it was too long ago, and I’m lazy (notice a trend? )

I’m starting a new workout routine this Monday, so it should be exciting. The hard part will be finding a time in the day when there isn’t anyone in the gym. This particular program requires me to basically hog two workout stations and go back and forth between them for 15 minutes. I usually like to go gym after work, but that’s the busiest time, and people would probably be pissed.

My Yanni tickets came in the mail today. That should be exciting.


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