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September 27, 2004

In an effort to liven up my already exciting life (ah, Master of Sarcasm, thy name is Chirag), I’ve toyed with the idea of enrolling for a class at bartending school . It’s about $500 for 36 hours of training, to be completed over 3 weekends, 6 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays. Not only that, but they provide free job placement. I figure, maybe I can do it part-time on weekends. It wouldn’t be for the money, necessarily (although bartenders can pull in mucho dinero), but more for the fun factor. I wouldn’t want to work in a particularly hectic club anyway. I’d much prefer a more chilled out lounge kinda place, where I actually have time to talk to people. Kinda like Cheers . Anyway, I figure I can maybe try it out after I return from India. Let’s see how it works out.



September 26, 2004

I keep meaning to update, and I never get around to it. I’m such a lazy bastard.

I have pictures from my Labour Day trip to the Grand Canyon. I’ll put up a link once I put them up somewhere. But I gotta say, that place is spectacular. Absolutely mind-boggling. We took the 30 minute helicopter air tour. $100 and totally worth it. I was gonna write some stories of my trip, but it was too long ago, and I’m lazy (notice a trend? )

I’m starting a new workout routine this Monday, so it should be exciting. The hard part will be finding a time in the day when there isn’t anyone in the gym. This particular program requires me to basically hog two workout stations and go back and forth between them for 15 minutes. I usually like to go gym after work, but that’s the busiest time, and people would probably be pissed.

My Yanni tickets came in the mail today. That should be exciting.


September 14, 2004

I keep meaning to write in this thing, and I keep getting caught up in other stuff. The last two weeks have been extremely eventful, so I’ll have to break it down piece by piece.

Phil Collins was fan-fucking-tastic. Seriously. It was a greatest hits show, and that got no complaints from me whatsoever. My favourite bit was when he sang “In The Air Tonight”. It was his first solo hit, back in the early 80s, and still one of his best songs. Anyway, the song is structured unusually, with its “oddly droning intro, tension-filled vocals, and liberating percussion bursts”. During the initial slow portion, he was pacing around the stage, wearing a headset mic (odd, because he had a handheld mic before this). As the song neared the climactic percussion sequence, he was walking closer to a drum set, and people realised what was gonna happen, and boy did we scream. And when he got to that part of the song, he grabbed the sticks, sat down, and started banging away, and I screamed like a little girl. Best concert ever!! And Yanni is in November!! (Yes, I said Yanni. )