Last night, I saw this guy ;perform standup comedy. That was a lot of fun. He was pretty fricking funny. The best part was when he offered to give advice about men to the ladies in the audience. Any questions that the women had about men, he’d answer them. I gotta tell ya, he was great. A lot of it had to be spontaneous, since he was making jokes out of what the people were saying. Good stuff all around.

Tonight, I go to see this guy . It’s his First Final Farewell Tour (yeah, sounds dumb to me too), but he’s one of the few musical performers for whom I know most of his songs. That was a weird sentence. Oh well… But yeah, I’m really excited. I was pretty scared yesterday, because I couldn’t find my ticket, and it had cost me $110. Panic was close to setting in. I called Ticketmaster, and they issued me a replacement voucher, which I should pick up from the Will Call window. No muss, no fuss. I just hope it actually plays out that simply. I’ll be leaving work in about 10 minutes, and will be on my way to see one of my favourite musical performers. Of course, I highly doubt he’ll be doing much dancing on stage, but then again, that’s not why I’m going.

Started my workout routine today. It felt good. The weights I used were relatively light, but they weren’t easy. My final sets, I was starting to struggle. I should be properly challenged by next week. Don’t wanna strain something. I just wish I could add some cardio to the routine. Damn you, heel-in-pain. At least it’s getting better, though.


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