Let’s see… last weekend, Ashish, Prerna and I went to ” The Mystery Spot “, which was kinda cool. I was still gimping around because of my heel (still am now, actually), but the weird gravity effects were interesting. Ashish took lots of photos, so I’ll be posting them online somewhere soon.

As I mentioned above, my heel still hurts, so I can’t put any major weight on it. Therefore, my running has ground to a complete halt. However, I have decided in the meantime that I am going to lift some more weights. I’m going to India in December, and since it’ll have been two years since my last visit, I want to get in some kind of shape. I’ve already planned out my workout schedule.

For the first month, I’ll be doing some basic strength training. I’ll be following a program that a bodybuilding instructor had drawn up for me 3 years ago, when I was interning in St. Paul. It worked pretty well then. It’s not meant to build bulk, but to increase strength, which is my primary goal. Kinda get back into the swing of things. After the first month, I’ll be following this program. I’ve always wanted to give it a shot, so I figure, why not? ;EDT is ;an interesting concept, so let’s see. This is a “basic” EDT program, so for the third month (i.e. November), I’ll try a somewhat more rigorous EDT program. Hopefully, I’ll start to notice some real gains by then, especially if I maintain good eating habits. For the 2 weeks of December before I leave, I’ll start the EDT Massive Arms program (guarantees 1 inch growth on arms in a month). Let’s see how that goes. After all, since I’m going to India for a wedding, there are bound to be some hotties.

On the other front, I’ve decided to take things easy. Let things come to me. I don’t think it’ll help, but I seriously doubt my being pushy will be any more effective. If the interest is there, then we’ll see. If not, then the last thing I want is a repeat of the T, and God knows that could happen very easily. In order to take my mind off that, I’ve decided to become more involved with my computer. I started setting up a wireless network at home for Ashish and myself. The signal between his laptop and the router is great, but there’s nothing between the router and the internet. But that’s not possible, because my PC is directly connected to the same wireless router (wireless routers can accept wired connections too), and it connects to the internet just fine. Methinks I’ll be using the 24/7 tech support for this one. I could try and figure it out, but I’m lazy and impatient.

I’m already dreaming about the new system I’m going to build. I’ve calculated that it’s going to cost me upwards of $2,500. I don’t think I’m ready to lay out that kinda dough yet, but soon. Very soon…


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