Allow me to tell you about my day today.

I am a Jain . Today marks the last day of Paryushan , which is an 8-day long period of time during which we are supposed to follow the Jain diet as strictly as possible. No potatoes, no onions, no garlic (I’ve been ;understandably lax about the “no green leafy veggies”). ;On the last day (i.e. today), we go to the derasar (temple) and sit in prayer for about an hour and a half to mark the end of Paryushan . With me so far? Good.

Today was the company picnic at work. While the main course consisted of tri-tip (which is roast beef, I believe), they had vegetarian sides, like potato salad, garlic bread, salad, as well as alcohol. If you paid attention in the preceding paragraph, I can not eat any of them. Hell, I couildn’t even have the cookies, since they probably had egg in them. So I decided to just fast for today, and compensate with good food tomorrow.

Here’s what made the event more fun. At the softball game yesterday, I hurt my foot. Specifically, I tried to steal 2nd base on a bad throw into home plate, and my momentum carried me a couple of steps past the base. But before I could make my ground, the 2nd baseman had gotten the ball and tagged me out. Now, in the process of trying to make base, I stomped my foot down hard on the base, specifically my heel. The end result is that, 24 hours later, I am still unable to put any real weight on my heel, and can’t walk without limping. So I’ve been gimping around all day. At a picnic where I couldn’t consume anything except water. About the only positive side was that I was getting paid. ;

Oh yeah, and I didn’t win anything in the raffle. And they had lots of prizes too.

Well, at least I’ll be able to relax my mind and get some peace during the prayer this evening. Cleanse myself of the negative auras. That’s why I wanted to write this before I went there. No point in being pissy after praying.


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