FUUUCCCKKK!!! I am SSOOOO pissed right now. I just lost all of my email, including all the email I’ve received over the past 2 weeks that I have been unable to save to my desktop, because I haven’t had internet access for my PC in my new place. But first… a recap.

In all of its infinite wisdom, Cornell has no policy for providing alumni email accounts. All they offer to do is provide free email forwarding. So an email sent to my Cornell email address will be graciously bounced to whatever address I specify. They will not run any spam filters or anti-virus checks on it. They will just send me the entire shebang, warts and all. Isn’t that lovely?

In preparation for this, I had to get a new email account. Now, the big problem with the place where I work is that all free email accounts are blocked. Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, even GMail. All blocked. And I like to access my email at work. I was even considering getting a paid Yahoo Mail account ($40/year for 100 MB at the time), but again, I can’t access it work.

Then a friend of mine told me about ReadyHosting.com, which is the service he uses. For $100 per year, I get my own domain name (i.e. fifadra.com), 500MB of storage space, unlimited email aliases, and unmetered email. I took this to mean that, if necessary, I could use all 500 MB for my email if I needed to.


A few weeks ago, I had gone through a situation where I had lost a sizeable chunk of email, and whenever Outlook was trying to download new emails, it was trying to re-download ALL of my messages. Over 1300 of them (This was before I deleted all the YJA emails). I called Tech Support, and he said it was some strange email in my server that was causing it. He deleted it, and normalcy ensued.

Today, I was on the phone with Bijal and ;checking my email, and I got some spam. I deleted it, and when the screen refreshed, I saw that I had 15 new emails (all of them with no From: address, no subject, and no text), and the number of emails in my Inbox had dropped from 157 to 45. I had basically lost the last 2 weeks of emails. This especially sucked since, as I said before, I haven’t put my PC online in 2 weeks, so that was the only place those emails existed. I called Tech Support, who said that the server seemed to show over 1000 emails, but my web client only showed 45. Eventually, he realised that my account had been corrupted to the point where the only way to restore it was to delete the account and remake it from scratch. And the only way to save my emails? Put all of them in one bigass text file.

That’s right. All 1000+ emails, including attachments. In one text file. I love my life.

Turns out, they only promised unlimited aliases (i.e. unlimited number of addresses like chirag1@fifadra.com , chirag2@fifadra.com , etc), and unmetered email (I can send and receive as many as I want) But when it comes to actual server space, they recommend that I try to keep it under 20 MB. 20 FUCKING MEGABYTES!!! Not 500. Not even 100. 20.

Suffice to say, I am in a really bad mood right now. It’s not that I feel like I paid for a service I didn’t get. I’m just angry that I lost ;my email. ;I sorely want to just go home and hit something, but I need to stay at fucking work and earn some more fucking comp time, in ;case I ever have the chance ;of making a trip that will probably ;never fucking materialise.

I want to cry.

You know what? Fuck comp time. I’m going to the gym, running my 3 miles, then going home to cause some damage. Maybe I’ll go see a crappy movie in the theatre and throw shit at the screen.

*Update* I just checked, and my time for the week has already been approved, so I can’t remove the time I said I would work. So I have to stay here for 2 more hours…

Someone needs to be seriously hurt.


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