You know, it always amuses me how quickly my mood can change, and how little it can take. ;The right ;phone call from the right person can have me from down in the dumps to positively cheerful. Can be hard to figure out sometimes, even for me.

Another thing I’ve been wondering about lately is how I tend to interact with people. Specifically, people I try to get in touch with who don’t get back in touch with me. I always wonder how long I should keep trying before it’s time to just give up. How persistent should I be? Obviously, the rules are different for friends and for potential “others”, but it can still be a similarly annoying situation. There’s one friend in particular that I’ve been trying to get a hold of for months now. She’s always been bad about getting back in touch with me, but we still eventually got a hold of each other. But it’s been a few months, and I’ve left voicemails and emails, but nothing. I’m the kinda guy who always prunes his contact lists. If I look at my IM buddy list and see someone I haven’t talked to in a while, and who I don’t really intend to talk to anytime soon, I just take them off my list. I also take unnecessary numbers off my cellphone. I guess it’s my way of moving on, so to speak. I had told her before (only half jokingly) that I had thought of taking her off the list, but hadn’t because she and I go way back. But, again, I haven’t heard a word from her in ages. So I left her a final message (voicemail and email), and I think I’ll be taking her off my lists soon. It just sucks because she’ll be the first friend that I’ve actually removed, and not just a random acquaintance.

And I know I probably sound really anal and prick-ish, and I’m not, really. It’s just that, no matter how busy a person is, they can ALWAYS find time to get in touch with people they want to get in touch with. Even if it’s just calling to say hi while driving to work. Or sending a quick email saying that they still remember who I am, and will get back to me soon. But if I get totally frozen out, then I have no reason to assume anything other than that she can’t (or won’t) get in touch with me. If she does contact me in the future, she’ll go back on ;the lists instantly. But till then… I guess I need to get a lot better at letting people go.

Damn, that was a pretty pissy post. Oh well…

p.s. I saw Carlos Mencia last night. He was hysterical. Lots of ranting and raving, but it was really funny. After the show was officially over, he and his opening guy just started playing around on stage, cracking jokes and doing all sorts of funny shit. Like, he was telling the other guy to do a cartwheel and stuff. It was good. And value for money too… Show started at 11p, I got out at 2:15a. But if you ever have a chance to see him, go.

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