Yay, I have an audience again!! Once again, it’s been an eventful few days. Let’s see if I can remember it all…

Saw a couple of comedy routines, both of them prominent: Ralphie May ;and D.L.Hughley . They were both outstanding. I also went to my first ever NetIP event, a salsa night. Unfortunately, I got there after most people had already left, but I did end up hanging out with a large group of the NetIP regulars. They seem like a cool group of peoples, so let’s see.

I also joined the softball league at work, and last night was our first game. It was also my second ever game of softball. My first ever game was last week (Interns vs New Hires), and I played without a glove. This time, the “coach” for our league team gave me some catching practice, so I could get reasonably comfortable with it. First inning I played in outfield, but then they decided to put me as catcher. I wasn’t amazing, but I didn’t embarass myself, and I got more comfortable as the game went on. As for my batting, I did ok. 3 at bats, 2 hits, and the second hit I eventually ran home. So that was a nice feeling. We were behind, but we eventually pulled out a 10-8 win.

I’ve also started running more regularly. My goal is to average 12-15 miles per week. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Also moved into a new apartment this past weekend. Left the dump I was in, and got this nice 2 BR 2 BA with a friend of mine. 1100 sq ft, and it’s a nice complex. The gym facilities are kinda crappy, but I guess I can always just gym at work, so no big deal. I gotta tell you though, moving is a bitch. Saturday, the movers came and took all my big stuff. Sunday, I went back to clean the old place up. Primarily, the bathroom and kitchen. Not only that, I had to vaccuum the whole place, and there was still a lot of small stuff lying around in the living room that I had planned on taking over myself, since I didn’t want the movers to waste too much time (was paying by the hour). Very annoying. For anyone who is moving, though, I have one major tip: buy all of your packing materials ahead of time. They completely screw you on boxes and bubble wrap.

I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting, but it can’t be too important. If it is, I’ll add it in later.

p.s. Hey Diksha, give me a call when you get back. And make sure it’s on the weekend. That’s gonna be one long-ass phone call.


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