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August 31, 2004

Last night, I saw this guy ;perform standup comedy. That was a lot of fun. He was pretty fricking funny. The best part was when he offered to give advice about men to the ladies in the audience. Any questions that the women had about men, he’d answer them. I gotta tell ya, he was great. A lot of it had to be spontaneous, since he was making jokes out of what the people were saying. Good stuff all around.

Tonight, I go to see this guy . It’s his First Final Farewell Tour (yeah, sounds dumb to me too), but he’s one of the few musical performers for whom I know most of his songs. That was a weird sentence. Oh well… But yeah, I’m really excited. I was pretty scared yesterday, because I couldn’t find my ticket, and it had cost me $110. Panic was close to setting in. I called Ticketmaster, and they issued me a replacement voucher, which I should pick up from the Will Call window. No muss, no fuss. I just hope it actually plays out that simply. I’ll be leaving work in about 10 minutes, and will be on my way to see one of my favourite musical performers. Of course, I highly doubt he’ll be doing much dancing on stage, but then again, that’s not why I’m going.

Started my workout routine today. It felt good. The weights I used were relatively light, but they weren’t easy. My final sets, I was starting to struggle. I should be properly challenged by next week. Don’t wanna strain something. I just wish I could add some cardio to the routine. Damn you, heel-in-pain. At least it’s getting better, though.



August 27, 2004

Let’s see… last weekend, Ashish, Prerna and I went to ” The Mystery Spot “, which was kinda cool. I was still gimping around because of my heel (still am now, actually), but the weird gravity effects were interesting. Ashish took lots of photos, so I’ll be posting them online somewhere soon.

As I mentioned above, my heel still hurts, so I can’t put any major weight on it. Therefore, my running has ground to a complete halt. However, I have decided in the meantime that I am going to lift some more weights. I’m going to India in December, and since it’ll have been two years since my last visit, I want to get in some kind of shape. I’ve already planned out my workout schedule.

For the first month, I’ll be doing some basic strength training. I’ll be following a program that a bodybuilding instructor had drawn up for me 3 years ago, when I was interning in St. Paul. It worked pretty well then. It’s not meant to build bulk, but to increase strength, which is my primary goal. Kinda get back into the swing of things. After the first month, I’ll be following this program. I’ve always wanted to give it a shot, so I figure, why not? ;EDT is ;an interesting concept, so let’s see. This is a “basic” EDT program, so for the third month (i.e. November), I’ll try a somewhat more rigorous EDT program. Hopefully, I’ll start to notice some real gains by then, especially if I maintain good eating habits. For the 2 weeks of December before I leave, I’ll start the EDT Massive Arms program (guarantees 1 inch growth on arms in a month). Let’s see how that goes. After all, since I’m going to India for a wedding, there are bound to be some hotties.

On the other front, I’ve decided to take things easy. Let things come to me. I don’t think it’ll help, but I seriously doubt my being pushy will be any more effective. If the interest is there, then we’ll see. If not, then the last thing I want is a repeat of the T, and God knows that could happen very easily. In order to take my mind off that, I’ve decided to become more involved with my computer. I started setting up a wireless network at home for Ashish and myself. The signal between his laptop and the router is great, but there’s nothing between the router and the internet. But that’s not possible, because my PC is directly connected to the same wireless router (wireless routers can accept wired connections too), and it connects to the internet just fine. Methinks I’ll be using the 24/7 tech support for this one. I could try and figure it out, but I’m lazy and impatient.

I’m already dreaming about the new system I’m going to build. I’ve calculated that it’s going to cost me upwards of $2,500. I don’t think I’m ready to lay out that kinda dough yet, but soon. Very soon…


August 21, 2004

Allow me to tell you about my day today.

I am a Jain . Today marks the last day of Paryushan , which is an 8-day long period of time during which we are supposed to follow the Jain diet as strictly as possible. No potatoes, no onions, no garlic (I’ve been ;understandably lax about the “no green leafy veggies”). ;On the last day (i.e. today), we go to the derasar (temple) and sit in prayer for about an hour and a half to mark the end of Paryushan . With me so far? Good.

Today was the company picnic at work. While the main course consisted of tri-tip (which is roast beef, I believe), they had vegetarian sides, like potato salad, garlic bread, salad, as well as alcohol. If you paid attention in the preceding paragraph, I can not eat any of them. Hell, I couildn’t even have the cookies, since they probably had egg in them. So I decided to just fast for today, and compensate with good food tomorrow.

Here’s what made the event more fun. At the softball game yesterday, I hurt my foot. Specifically, I tried to steal 2nd base on a bad throw into home plate, and my momentum carried me a couple of steps past the base. But before I could make my ground, the 2nd baseman had gotten the ball and tagged me out. Now, in the process of trying to make base, I stomped my foot down hard on the base, specifically my heel. The end result is that, 24 hours later, I am still unable to put any real weight on my heel, and can’t walk without limping. So I’ve been gimping around all day. At a picnic where I couldn’t consume anything except water. About the only positive side was that I was getting paid. ;

Oh yeah, and I didn’t win anything in the raffle. And they had lots of prizes too.

Well, at least I’ll be able to relax my mind and get some peace during the prayer this evening. Cleanse myself of the negative auras. That’s why I wanted to write this before I went there. No point in being pissy after praying.


August 17, 2004

Today’s the day (well, it’s actually tomorrow, but with the time difference, it’s already started). There was a change of plans, but I like the new idea better. It fits better, and it’s a little more imaginative. However, it’s also less likely to make things happen. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

I’m watching the preview for “Anacondas” on TV right now, and God that movie looks awful. I just wonder how badly it’s going to bomb.


August 14, 2004

FUUUCCCKKK!!! I am SSOOOO pissed right now. I just lost all of my email, including all the email I’ve received over the past 2 weeks that I have been unable to save to my desktop, because I haven’t had internet access for my PC in my new place. But first… a recap.

In all of its infinite wisdom, Cornell has no policy for providing alumni email accounts. All they offer to do is provide free email forwarding. So an email sent to my Cornell email address will be graciously bounced to whatever address I specify. They will not run any spam filters or anti-virus checks on it. They will just send me the entire shebang, warts and all. Isn’t that lovely?

In preparation for this, I had to get a new email account. Now, the big problem with the place where I work is that all free email accounts are blocked. Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, even GMail. All blocked. And I like to access my email at work. I was even considering getting a paid Yahoo Mail account ($40/year for 100 MB at the time), but again, I can’t access it work.

Then a friend of mine told me about, which is the service he uses. For $100 per year, I get my own domain name (i.e., 500MB of storage space, unlimited email aliases, and unmetered email. I took this to mean that, if necessary, I could use all 500 MB for my email if I needed to.


A few weeks ago, I had gone through a situation where I had lost a sizeable chunk of email, and whenever Outlook was trying to download new emails, it was trying to re-download ALL of my messages. Over 1300 of them (This was before I deleted all the YJA emails). I called Tech Support, and he said it was some strange email in my server that was causing it. He deleted it, and normalcy ensued.

Today, I was on the phone with Bijal and ;checking my email, and I got some spam. I deleted it, and when the screen refreshed, I saw that I had 15 new emails (all of them with no From: address, no subject, and no text), and the number of emails in my Inbox had dropped from 157 to 45. I had basically lost the last 2 weeks of emails. This especially sucked since, as I said before, I haven’t put my PC online in 2 weeks, so that was the only place those emails existed. I called Tech Support, who said that the server seemed to show over 1000 emails, but my web client only showed 45. Eventually, he realised that my account had been corrupted to the point where the only way to restore it was to delete the account and remake it from scratch. And the only way to save my emails? Put all of them in one bigass text file.

That’s right. All 1000+ emails, including attachments. In one text file. I love my life.

Turns out, they only promised unlimited aliases (i.e. unlimited number of addresses like , , etc), and unmetered email (I can send and receive as many as I want) But when it comes to actual server space, they recommend that I try to keep it under 20 MB. 20 FUCKING MEGABYTES!!! Not 500. Not even 100. 20.

Suffice to say, I am in a really bad mood right now. It’s not that I feel like I paid for a service I didn’t get. I’m just angry that I lost ;my email. ;I sorely want to just go home and hit something, but I need to stay at fucking work and earn some more fucking comp time, in ;case I ever have the chance ;of making a trip that will probably ;never fucking materialise.

I want to cry.

You know what? Fuck comp time. I’m going to the gym, running my 3 miles, then going home to cause some damage. Maybe I’ll go see a crappy movie in the theatre and throw shit at the screen.

*Update* I just checked, and my time for the week has already been approved, so I can’t remove the time I said I would work. So I have to stay here for 2 more hours…

Someone needs to be seriously hurt.


August 11, 2004

I’m at work, so I can’t make this a long post. I was just looking at some photos that I found online and… God, it would be so easy to just let myself go. Just throw caution to the wind and go all out. It would be like the Chirag of old came out of mothballs. Unfortunately, if I do that, I will most definitely lose any chance I might have. Doesn’t mean I’ll actually get anywhere anyway. But it’s still a risk I don’t know if I want to take. But God, it’s so hard. Especially now… And yet, all I can do is wait. The most annoying part is that this is all self-inflicted, so I can’t even complain to anyone without them justifiably telling me to stop whining.

And yes, I know I’m being cryptic. Sorry, but them’s the breaks.

*UPDATE* Well, now that I’ve decided on a course of action for the next week, I feel a little more relaxed. And of course, after a week there will be a catalyst to kinda move things along in one direction or another. Knowing my luck, though, I’ll probably get some sort of acknowledgement, then back to the status quo. * sighs*


August 9, 2004

3 posts in 3 days. I haven’t written this frequently in months. Must be the fact that I haven’t gotten my cable connection set up yet, and my computer is still packed up.

A few weeks ago, I had made a decision about something, and I’m starting to wonder if, in hindsight, ;it was the right one. I guess I was going by my gut, and my gut told me that it wasn’t the right time. But even then, I wondered if I was making a mistake by looking for something that didn’t exist, while ignoring what was right in front of me. Of course, it’s too late now, and I couldn’t change things even if I wanted to. And in all honesty, I don’t think I would change anything (except maybe for how I handled it). But I still can’t shake the nagging feeling that I might have screwed up. Hopefully, time will tell…

I hung out with Kumar again after a long time. He’s returning to Singapore next week to start his “bonded labour”, where he’ll be working for the company that sponsored his education until he pays off the bond that they put up for him. It’s a minimum of 4 years, but can go upto 6, depending on how quickly he pays off the bond. He’s not looking forward to it, but it’s not like he has much of a choice. Anyway, we saw Collateral and The Bourne Supremacy. Collateral was a good movie. Both Cruise and Foxx do a good job, and it’s definitely an entertaining movie. The Bourne Supremacy was excellent. Even better than the first. They only took a few elements here and there from the book, but I still think the movie stands well on its own. Matt Damon really nailed the character, and I hope they make The Bourne Ultimatum, though I’m curious to see what the plot will be. We also went to this nice Indian restaurant called Amber, and overate. Good times.

I’m currently watching Schindler’s List. I’m only 1:40 into it, but it’s definitely a great movie so far. I don’t know if it’s the classic that everyone claims, but I can certainly see why so many people love it.


August 8, 2004

You know, it always amuses me how quickly my mood can change, and how little it can take. ;The right ;phone call from the right person can have me from down in the dumps to positively cheerful. Can be hard to figure out sometimes, even for me.

Another thing I’ve been wondering about lately is how I tend to interact with people. Specifically, people I try to get in touch with who don’t get back in touch with me. I always wonder how long I should keep trying before it’s time to just give up. How persistent should I be? Obviously, the rules are different for friends and for potential “others”, but it can still be a similarly annoying situation. There’s one friend in particular that I’ve been trying to get a hold of for months now. She’s always been bad about getting back in touch with me, but we still eventually got a hold of each other. But it’s been a few months, and I’ve left voicemails and emails, but nothing. I’m the kinda guy who always prunes his contact lists. If I look at my IM buddy list and see someone I haven’t talked to in a while, and who I don’t really intend to talk to anytime soon, I just take them off my list. I also take unnecessary numbers off my cellphone. I guess it’s my way of moving on, so to speak. I had told her before (only half jokingly) that I had thought of taking her off the list, but hadn’t because she and I go way back. But, again, I haven’t heard a word from her in ages. So I left her a final message (voicemail and email), and I think I’ll be taking her off my lists soon. It just sucks because she’ll be the first friend that I’ve actually removed, and not just a random acquaintance.

And I know I probably sound really anal and prick-ish, and I’m not, really. It’s just that, no matter how busy a person is, they can ALWAYS find time to get in touch with people they want to get in touch with. Even if it’s just calling to say hi while driving to work. Or sending a quick email saying that they still remember who I am, and will get back to me soon. But if I get totally frozen out, then I have no reason to assume anything other than that she can’t (or won’t) get in touch with me. If she does contact me in the future, she’ll go back on ;the lists instantly. But till then… I guess I need to get a lot better at letting people go.

Damn, that was a pretty pissy post. Oh well…

p.s. I saw Carlos Mencia last night. He was hysterical. Lots of ranting and raving, but it was really funny. After the show was officially over, he and his opening guy just started playing around on stage, cracking jokes and doing all sorts of funny shit. Like, he was telling the other guy to do a cartwheel and stuff. It was good. And value for money too… Show started at 11p, I got out at 2:15a. But if you ever have a chance to see him, go.


August 6, 2004

Yay, I have an audience again!! Once again, it’s been an eventful few days. Let’s see if I can remember it all…

Saw a couple of comedy routines, both of them prominent: Ralphie May ;and D.L.Hughley . They were both outstanding. I also went to my first ever NetIP event, a salsa night. Unfortunately, I got there after most people had already left, but I did end up hanging out with a large group of the NetIP regulars. They seem like a cool group of peoples, so let’s see.

I also joined the softball league at work, and last night was our first game. It was also my second ever game of softball. My first ever game was last week (Interns vs New Hires), and I played without a glove. This time, the “coach” for our league team gave me some catching practice, so I could get reasonably comfortable with it. First inning I played in outfield, but then they decided to put me as catcher. I wasn’t amazing, but I didn’t embarass myself, and I got more comfortable as the game went on. As for my batting, I did ok. 3 at bats, 2 hits, and the second hit I eventually ran home. So that was a nice feeling. We were behind, but we eventually pulled out a 10-8 win.

I’ve also started running more regularly. My goal is to average 12-15 miles per week. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Also moved into a new apartment this past weekend. Left the dump I was in, and got this nice 2 BR 2 BA with a friend of mine. 1100 sq ft, and it’s a nice complex. The gym facilities are kinda crappy, but I guess I can always just gym at work, so no big deal. I gotta tell you though, moving is a bitch. Saturday, the movers came and took all my big stuff. Sunday, I went back to clean the old place up. Primarily, the bathroom and kitchen. Not only that, I had to vaccuum the whole place, and there was still a lot of small stuff lying around in the living room that I had planned on taking over myself, since I didn’t want the movers to waste too much time (was paying by the hour). Very annoying. For anyone who is moving, though, I have one major tip: buy all of your packing materials ahead of time. They completely screw you on boxes and bubble wrap.

I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting, but it can’t be too important. If it is, I’ll add it in later.

p.s. Hey Diksha, give me a call when you get back. And make sure it’s on the weekend. That’s gonna be one long-ass phone call.