Another long stretch between messages, and easily the most eventful 11 days I’ve had since joining Xanga. No, I can’t get into details. But suffice to say, it wasn’t boring.

Had my wisdom tooth extracted today. It was coming out crooked, and was creating a food pocket. Dentist gave me a local anaesthetic, and slowly pried the thing out. Luckily, it came out in one piece, root and all, so there was no need to go back in and dig it out. Right now, I’m sitting at home with a bunch of cotton stuffed in the gap to stop the bleeding. I can’t wait to see what it’s gonna feel like when the anaesthetic wears off.

Work’s been going well. I’ve started getting stuff to do, so I’m not randomly walking around anymore. I’m getting to learn more and more about the stuff I’m doing, and the people around me, and it certainly looks interesting. Let’s see how things go.

I’ve realised what it is that sucks about this forum. Because people know who I am, and they know that I am writing this, I can never be totally open and honest about the stuff that’s going on in my life. That tends to kinda dampen any enthusiasm that I might have about updating the blog site. I want to keep this thing updated, but I don’t know what the point is anymore. We’ll see. I’m a stubborn guy.

Me and the YJA crew went to Lake Tahoe last weekend, to celebrate the end of the convention. It was fun. We rented a 10-person speedboat. Samir gunned the throttle, while the rest of us stood up in the front and got drenched with the spray from the lake. It was awesome! Then a few of us went horseback riding, and it was quite underwhelming. Now I love horses. But our “riding” consisted of us each on a horse, following a guide (also on a horse), and we walked up a trail, and down a trail. The area was dusty, dirty, with only one spot where we could actually see any natural beauty. And there was lots and lots of horse poop. The biggest bummer was that there was no flat region for us to actually ride the horse. Only once, towards the end, did the horses actually start trotting. Overall, it was definitely not worth $30. I’ve had more fun riding horses on Juhu Beach in Bombay. Then we went to the casinos, and I lost $100 at the $10 Blackjack table, which was about what I had planned for. Overall, we had a lot of fun, and I definitely want to go back to Tahoe again.

God, that last paragraph just seems lame. I guess I’m not feeling particularly inspired today. Maybe next time…


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