I’ve noticed an interesting and not altogether welcome trend in myself over the last year or so. I used to be the kind of guy who would straight up tell people how I felt. If I liked a girl, I told her. If I felt that someone was unhappy with me, I’d ask them about it. But I think I’m starting to lose that trait. It’s not a totally bad thing, because I don’t think that kind of open attitude is sustainable in the world we live in. But it is kinda sad. I guess it just reminds me that life isn’t as innocent as I would like it, and other people aren’t as straightforward as I am. Worse yet, I feel like I’m betraying myself by not being as completely honest as possible. Even when something is bothering me, I wonder more and more if it’s even worth the effort to bring it up, or whether I should just ignore it and move on.

Sorry, I’m just babbling.

And on that cheerful note, THE CONVENTION IS ALMOST HERE!!! In less than 36 hours, we will be descended upon by hundreds of young Jains from around the country. I’ve been reassured by friends who’ve been to similar events that even *I* can hook up with a girl at a convention like this. I know I’m definitely keeping myself open. I guess we’ll just have to see if the losing streak will finally be reversed. I won’t be giving you guys (all 4 of you) any explicit details via this forum. But I’m sure you’ll be able to tell by the tone of my next entry whether Chirag got some or not. Wish me luck.

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