So I got to the Comedy Club at about 7:15, after parking on the top floor of the parking garage. I find out that the show was sold out. Given that I had only reluctantly pulled myself there, I was not a happy camper. But all was not lost. On the way back to the parking garage, I passed by the San Jose Repertory Theater , which was showing The Underpants , a play originally written by Carl Sternheim in 1911 and recently adapted by Steve Martin . On a whim, I decided to check if there were any tickets left. I ended up getting a pretty decent seat in the Parterre section. It was pretty funny overall, with a few ;typically Martinesque gems:

“You are here under false pretenses.”
“What other kind of pretense is there?”

I rated it a 7.5 out of 10. Check it out if you can. And with my student discount (yay for college ID’s that still look valid!!), it worked out to be cheaper than going to the comedy club. So the evening wasn’t a total loss.

Tonight is a YJA dinner at Puneet’s place. He’s asked for there to be no YJA discussions (yeah, right!). The plan is for saag paneer, naans, and a game of Cranium afterwards. Should be fun.


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