I’m such a lazy ass. I keep meaning to write, and I keep putting it off. Ah well…

Had a hard time staying awake at work today. It doesn’t help when I’m sitting in a small conference room, and they turn off the lights and turn on the Powerpoint. There were only 6 people in there, so not really a good time to drop my head. Still, I managed to survive.

I also got drafted into the group’s softball team. Our name? IWTY WHTKY. That’s short for “If We Tell You, We’d Have To Kill You”. Very cheerful indeed. The new season starts on July 22nd, I think.

The guy I was working with, Eric, told me that, unbeknownst to me, he had been sending weekly status reports on our project that we had been working on for the past weeks, and they were being read at the Admiral’s level. In other words, the Admiral’s office was reading my name in their reports. ;Of course, given how many reports they have in their offices (and the number of names in them), that’s not a huge deal. And the Admiral himself didn’t actually read my name. However, I shall brag regardless. The bottom line is that they are really interested in the project, which is always gratifying.

Going to watch Mitch Hedberg at the comedy club tonight. I’ll be going by myself, but I figure why the hell not. When I’m busy laughing at the guy on stage, I don’t indulge in much conversation anyway.


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