Saw Kevin Hart perform standup at The Improv last night, and he was hilarious. Only 24 years old, but very funny. He’s already starred in a movie (Soulplane), and ;created a TV show on ABC (The Big House, which I heard was good, but got cancelled). Either way, if you ever hear of him coming to your area, go see him. Good stuff.

I was going to go to Davis today for (fellow YJA member) Rinki’s graduation, but no one else could make it, and I didn’t think I was up for driving 105 miles each way by myself. I feel bad, but she was understanding and I told her I’d buy her a drink next time we all went out.

I’m almost done with the temp project I’ve been working on these past few months. Well, I’m not really done, but my new thing (the one I was hired for) starts this Monday, so today is the last day I’ll be working in this section. I’ll still come in on a later date to help them transition to the new person who’ll have to take over for me. But finally, I get to the cool stuff.

And in other news, the other thing took an interesting (and welcome) turn yesterday. Let’s see how it goes.


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