Well, Sirm ;reassured me that I have at least one faithful reader, so that is enough motivation for me to continue.

I’ve been loosely following the NBA finals. There’s a bet going on in YJA currently. Rina, Chinar and Neha are rooting for the Lakers, and the rest of us are going for the Pistons. The prize in question is a home-cooked dinner. So far things are looking positive, but I’m not taking anything for granted.

I started typing up Comkid yesterday. I figure I’ll type it all up in Word first, before pasting it here one part at a time. I gotta tell ya, it’s been interesting to read it, and pick out all the problems with it. Then again, I’m also impressed that I was capable of that kind of writing when I was 14 years old. I just wonder how different it might have turned out had I started writing it now… Anyway, stay tuned for that. It’ll be coming soon.

Saw the Stepford Wives on Friday night. Definitely worth watching. It’s a pretty funny movie. From what I hear, it’s a totally different tone from the original movie (more comedic instead of horror), but it’s still worth watching. I gotta ;tell ya though… if I had the choice to be married to a beautiful blonde bombshell who was completely devoted to me and gave me amazing sex in the middle of the day (and functioned as a real-life ATM as well), I would have to struggle a bit before saying no.


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