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May 8, 2004

Went to the lab today to get a blood test. It’s just part of my physical exam, so nothing to worry about. Yet. Working extra hours on my day off today, so I can build up my vacation time. Also, I found out that mom and dad will be coming on May 21 and staying for about 1 1/2 weeks. I better clean my place up, or I’ll never hear the end of it. Ugh…

I’ve decided that I’m not going to be totally loser-ish tonight, so I’m going to go see Eternal Sunshine, before it leaves the theatres. We’ll see if it’s as good as people say.

In other news, I did NOT watch Friends last night. I decided I didn’t really want to buy into the hype. It was almost like the world was ending, they gave it so much press. Sheesh. I mean, why no love for Frasier? It’s been on almost as long, and has actually won Emmy awards. Oh well…



May 7, 2004

Celebrated Cinco De Mayo yesterday. Well, sorta. First, I went over to Pintu’s house. He had invited Mayhul and myself to dinner at their place. His mom was making Pav Bhaji, and it was scrumptious!! Afterwards, we went to the temple coz Pintu had to meet an uncle regarding convention security issues. Finally, we headed on over to Neha’s place in Milpitas. Picked her up, and drove back towards San Jose. We called Prerna and told her to come with us, and after agreeing to meet us somewhere, ended up calling back and saying she didn’t feel like going out. We ;couldn’t really decide where to go, so we just decided to go back to Neha’s place and drink. ;So us 4 intrepid adventurers went to a liquor store in Sunnyvale, bought some tequila, margarita mix and salt, and headed back to Milpitas. We played cards while Pintu mixed some pretty good margaritas. He put two shots in each one, but you could barely taste the alcohol. I only had one glass, since I still had to drive home from Pintu’s place. Mayhul has no such compunctions, and had at least 3 glasses. Considering he’s about 6 feet tall and only weighs 136 lbs (honestly! ), he basically got lit up like a Christmas tree. ;Neha was feeling pretty happy too. Anyway, we spent a few hours playing different card games and chilling. We left at almost midnight, and I got home at 12:45. It was a fun time. There might be another (larger) outing this Saturday, so that should be good too.

In Netflix news, I recently saw Scarface, which was a pretty good movie. Very raw and powerful, but wildly entertaining. My first reaction when I saw a lot of the scenes was “Holy crap, that’s GTA: Vice City!!” It was almost like the game makers had directly lifted scenery shots from the film and digitised them into the game. Pacino was awesome, obviously. I just get the feeling a commentary track would have been pretty good. ;And yes, the film has a LOT of great quotes. ;I also saw Citizen Kane for the first time two days ago, but I’ll wait to see it with the commentary tracks before I say too much. Suffice to say, it was very impressive for a 1941 movie. In a lot of ways it still holds up today, and that is saying something.

Finally, in response to Sirm’s comment about my watching Yu-Gi-Oh, I don’t think the owner of a ” Spirited Away ” DVD, (who prefers watching in the original Japanese, no less) is well-placed to comment on my watching anime. ;Besides, Yu-Gi-Oh isn’t real anime. It’s essentially a game promotion device, albeit a weirdly fascinating one.


May 5, 2004

Best. Link. Ever.

Fortunately, none of the females who read this live in the Bay Area. Well, except for Kristina (I think she still reads this). But she doesn’t work here anymore, so I think I’m safe. ;


May 4, 2004

Well, Phase 2 of registration for the convention concluded this weekend. Plans continue apace. Hopefully, Kalpesh (my “ladykiller” nephew) has registered by now, otherwise he’ll have to pay an extra $25.

I’ve restarted downloading lots of TV with BitTorrent. However, I’m downloading two things in particular: the first 4 seasons of Jackie Chan adventures (one of the best cartoons to come out in the last 10 years, period), and the remaining episodes of the “Return to Battle City” arc of Yu-Gi-Oh, including episodes not yet shown on American TV. Yes, that’s the TV show where people play with those monster cards. No, I don’t actually own or play with the cards myself. I just find the show fun to watch, if more than a little melodramatic. And no, I’m not ashamed of it. Not really, anyway.

I’ve also downloaded the entire collection of Tintin comics. This series is probably one of the most famous graphic novel series in the world, and they are a lot of fun to read. Think of Tintin as Indiana Jones, except he’s a reporter, he has a dog, and he doesn’t use weapons. He also has some funny friends. Try looking for them in your local bookstore. You can check out the official website here: