So I discovered yesterday that AIM Express works at … work. I was surprised because when I had tried a few months ago, it couldn’t get through the firewall. I guess they updated the AIM program. So I was all happy about being able to chat with my friends. AIM Express is a little flaky, but it worked. Anyway, today, the guy I work with, Eric, saw me using IM. He said that he didn’t have a problem with it himself, but computer usage is monitored at work. They can see everything we’re doing, and he knew a couple of guys who’d been reprimanded for IMing at work. I decided that the ability to chat with friends wasn’t worth the risk, so no more IMing for me.

Today was an interesting day, trafficwise. (1) I was forced to jump a lane because Roshni was mistaken about what exit to take. The guy behind me was not happy, (2) I nearly rear-ended a Honda Accord (I felt my heart racing for the next 5 minutes), and (3) while waiting at a red light, the guy next to me (who had already stopped) decided that he wasn’t going to wait any longer, and with no hesitation at all, just drove on through the red light. And all this happened in the span of a half hour. sigh.

Currently Watching: The Battle over Citizen Kane


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