A quick blog today, since my sister is waiting for me at home. This weekend was fun. On Friday I went to a dinner for Jain professionals in SF to promote the convention, and happened to run into a friend from high school, back in Baroda! Well, he is finishing up his Master’s in USC, so it wasn’t AS shocking. Still, very Twilight Zone-ish.

On Saturday, Roshni (my sister) took me clothes shopping. She selected, I paid. It was a very equitable arrangement. We did the most damage to American Eagle and Aeropostale. I also got a nice black jacket from Armani Exchange (it was more than 50% off) and some new sneakers. All told, my credit card was hit for about $600. And then there was Saturday night. ;To those of you who want extra details, you’ll have to call/IM me. But I think it went well. Saw two movies, and chatted until 3:45 am.

Sunday, I drove Roshni to Sacramento to see her boyfriend. They started going out back in Baroda before she came here in 2001. He’s going to start attending the Academy of Arts in SF. Majoring in Special Effects in Motion Pictures and Television. Sounds interesting. He’s a nice enough fellow, though you won’t catch me telling her that! After lunch, they went to go see Van Helsing, and I stayed behind, chilling outside Borders. It was an absoutely GORGEOUS day. Not a trace of white in the sky, 70 degrees, and a light breeze. We left after dinner and ;got back home a little before midnight. It was the longest distance I had ever driven (150 miles), but we covered it in about 2 hours.


One Response to “25-May-2004”

  1. sirm Says:

    chiragra…getting ambitious with the clothes shopping…and what is this saturday night nonsense?

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