Work today is so mind-numbingly monotonous. It’s the kind of mindless coding that is the bane of any software designer. Absolutely no thought involved. Just endless amounts of copy, paste, and modify. Someone shoot me now. For the love of God, just shoot me.

Also, it turns out that my parents had to postpone their trip again. The change in government in India (I still can’t believe it!) is really causing chaos among businesses right now, especially foreign companies investing in India. Dad is kinda scrambling to make sure things don’t get FUBAR’ed with two new contracts he was hoping to get signed. Ugh…

On a brighter note, this weekend should be fun regardless. My sister, Roshni, is still coming for a week and a half, so she’ll be able to help me refresh my wardrobe. On Friday, the YJA ;gang is going to a dinner hosted by some YJP (Young Jain Professionals) peeps. We figure it’ll be a great way to sell the convention to the young professionals in the area. I probably won’t be able to go drinking with them since Roshni will be home, but that’s ok. I’m kinda used to my family arriving during YJA social events. ;On Saturday, I’ll prolly see Shrek 2 (previews look awesome) in a matinee show, then I’m going out for dinner and a movie that night. Fun times. Sunday, I have a YJA meeting, then Roshni and I will hit up Great Mall and go clothes happy. Hell, I might even buy her something. ;It’ll make up for me missing out on Friday night. Hehehe…


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