Ended up seeing Van Helsing on Saturday. Wasn’t a bad movie. 30 minutes too long, though. Special FX were good. So was the background score, especially one particular theme, which had some cool string ;work reminiscent of gypsy music. On that note, I read that the studios will be releasing a 9 CD (or was it 10 CDs?) collection of music from the LOTR movies, including the originally released scores and (obviously) music never before ;heard ;outside the film. That will probably be my first genuine musical purchase in over 5 years. Can’t wait.

I spent the bulk of the day yesterday playing a computer game, and I gotta tell ya, it felt great. ;From about 3-10 pm, with breaks for food. Good stuff all around. I’d tell you what I was actually playing, but knowing who reads this blog, I can think of only one person who might actually ;want to know, and I can always tell him online.


One Response to “18-May-2004”

  1. sirm Says:

    dude, Van Hellsing sucked my poput…I’d rather stare at a wall for 2 hrs than watch that garbage again

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