Well, it’s been an eventful 24 hours, I tell you. Let’s go through in chronological order (this is NOT order of importance, as you will see)

I played Ultimate Frisbee yesterday, and it was a blast. I did notice the continuation of a personal trend though. Whenever I play a sport after a long time, and it can be any sport, I really suck for the first 5-10 minutes. After that, I make a good play or two, and then I suddenly become halfway decent. Not good enough to lead a team or anything, but enough that my teammates aren’t avoiding me anymore. Yesterday, I was awful for the first few minutes. I dropped simple catches, had bad defense, and my lungs were on fire. After about 10 minutes though, I suddenly started playing better. Pulled off a diving catch or two, made some good passes, had some good D, ;and a few of my plays actually led to scoring situations. And my lungs seemed to have recovered as well. Hehe… I played for over an ;hour, then went back home where I got the news…

I’M AN UNCLE! AGAIN!! My cousin’s wife ;in Houston gave birth to a beautiful girl early yesterday morning. How do I know she’s beautiful? Simple. Her older brother Ankit (7 now) was the cutest infant I had ever seen, and it should run in the genes. Besides, her name’s beautiful too. Aashna. It means ” Beloved; Devoted to love ;I can’t wait to see her.

Then we come to today. I gave blood for the very first time. Wasn’t able to play Ultimate as a result, but I figure the weight loss from donating blood should make up for it. ;The nurse did tell me that I had great iron levels, so that was good. Best of all, since this was for a blood drive supported by my company, I still get paid for the hour I gave blood. So I did a good deed AND I get money. Everyone wins!!


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