Returned Citizen Kane this morning, after watching it with both commentary tracks. And yes, it was worth it. You know how film critics are always claiming that this is one of the greatest films of all time? After hearing Roger Ebert’s (yes, the Thumbs Up/Down guy) DVD commentary, I can understand why. I was absolutely dumbfounded at how many revolutionary lighting techniques, camera tricks ;and visual effects were in that movie. ;That level of filmmaking sophistication ;would be remarkable today. In 1941, it was unprecedented. Orson Welles really was a genius to make a movie like that on such a tight budget, and make it look so grand. And to think, it was his first movie as an actor AND director. ;This really is a movie that shows us just a little, and lets our minds add the rest. I’d recommend watching the movie, and then watching it again with Ebert’s commentary. Good stuff.

And yes Sirm, Eternal Sunshine was a great movie. Sorry if I wasn’t enthusiastic enough. ;But I still believe Shrek 2 will be the best movie of the summer. Oh yeah…

BTW, I finally received my P.G.Wodehouse books today. 5 Omnibus volumes containing every Jeeves story ever written, both in short story and novel forms. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then go here: ; http://www.smart.net/~tak/wodehouse.html . And if you’ve never read Wodehouse before (shame on you!!), here’s a small sample of his work:

Oh Brancepeth, said the girl, her voice trembling, why havent you any money? If only you had the merest pittance — enough for a flat in Mayfair and a little weekend place in the country somewhere and a couple of good cars and a villa in the South of France and a bit of trout fishing on some decent river, I would risk all for love.


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